The One with all the Blogs!

Well what a 12 days of Christmas it has been with the ’12 Episodes’ of Christmas, Friends style!

In true ‘Friends’ fashion there needs to be an ‘episode’ which entertains a few throwbacks so we can look back at what’s happened so far and the journey we’ve been on to get here!

So here it goes, your first 11 episodes of Christmas have been brought to you by Anna our General Manager who only dived into the world of blogging when starting the role at Thicket Priory. The world of blogging can be a scary place and there certainly is lots to think about, but I can 100% vouch for the fact that it’s a world you just have to ‘take the leap’ into! Top tips: 1) don’t over think it and 2) be real, I think that’s it! I really have enjoyed bringing these blogs to you over what has been the strangest Christmas for the majority of us, and cannot wait to see what our blog has in stall for you in 2021!

The first three ‘episodes’ includes ‘The One with all the Rings’, ‘The One with all the History’ and ‘The One with all the Trees’.

The history of Thicket Priory is wonderful, knowing that the venue was once a family home until 1955 when it became the home of an order of Carmelite Nuns, then in the most recent decade of its life has been magically transformed into the Wedding Venue we all know and love today! In honor to the past Thicket Priory encompasses stories from the past in the bedrooms, the décor and even the atmosphere, which we have kept as homely and as welcoming as possibly. We boast 18 acres of beautiful grounds, and a venue with 35 bedrooms, but there is still a huge sense of cosiness achieved for all our couples, event hosts and guests.

Whether you are here for one day or three days the building entertains you with intrigue and home comforts. From the quaint pantries providing tea and coffee for our overnight guests, to the private gardens to explore at your leisure, you really can transport yourself to the Yorkshire Countryside to indulge in relaxation, celebration and above all the beauty that can be found both within and outside the walls of the Priory building.

Up next, we introduced you to a few key features of Thicket Priory, including ‘The One with all the Personalities’, with introductions to the team; ‘The One with all four Seasons’, supporting our all year-round adaptability; and finally ‘The One with all the Food & Drinks’!

The team is the glue which binds the brand of Thicket Priory! We are a small, but mighty team, supported by our fabulous network of industry specialist, from caterers to photographers, and florist to beauticians! You are in the safest of hands with a team who are dedicated to ensuring you have a stress free and above all a fun planning journey for your wedding or event. The pandemic has challenged us all with changing plans and postponements being ‘the daily grind’, but by working together with our wonderful couples we are doing the very that can be done with these unprecedented times.

The Team and our suppliers really do deserve a huge pat on the back for the hard work over the last 9 months. There have been ups and downs, with ‘tiers’ and ‘tears’, but together we will get to the other side to witness the nuptials of all our wonderful couples, in Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter!

The most motivational blog of the 12 episodes has got to be ‘The One with all the Thank Yous’, this is indeed a go to blog on the harder days! This is the ‘pick-me-up’ blog for sure!

The Thank Yous were swiftly followed up by a favourite for the ladies, ‘The One with all the Dresses’, and one for everyone, ‘The One with all the Little Touches’. Thicket Priory is filled with detail from arrival to departure, every space boasts a new discovery, which only adds more excitement to your stay. We provide wellies, blankets and umbrellas as we are a British Wedding Venue, so we do need to think about the weather, as well as garden furniture scattered throughout the grounds for when we do see the sun putting it’s hat on!

The final 3 blog in our ’12 Episodes of Christmas’ series (which does include this one!) can hopefully provide some good vibes, inspiration and feel good moments for our friends, past couples, future couples and those who don’t yet know they are future couples!

Thanks for tuning in everyone!
Sending lots of love from our home to yours!
Anna and the Thicket Priory Team