The One with all the Dresses

For all the newly engaged ladies out there I know for a fact you’ll be getting excited about wedding dress shopping to find your perfect gown! We aren’t the experts in finding that perfect style, colour or brand…but we can ensure that when you’re here you get the most exquisite photographs in all the right places at Thicket Priory.

There are many beautiful spaces and backdrops that you and your photograph/videography will fall in love with! Emma Ryan talked to us in her guest blog about the magic of photographing at Thicket Priory and she really did confirm just how we feel; knowing that it isn’t just bias!

First up is the stunning Ballroom & Morning Room, which is a legal space for your ceremony, the setting for your wedding breakfast and also where you’ll get your dancing shoes on!
The spectacular ceiling overhead, and the gorgeous wooden floors underfoot, finished off with a scattering of fireplaces and windows, it is the perfect ‘canvas’ to add your signature to.

The Buckingham Suite, also know as our Bridal Suite is the most beautiful space to get ready with your entourage. Each and every wedding dress that arrives at Thicket Priory can be hung from the tailor made hook in the Buckingham Suite, which we have checked will hold even the heaviest of dresses! Irram’s amazingly intricate wedding dress had 10 kilos of weight in the train alone!

The Grand Staircase, The Chapel & Confetti …just a few of the iconic shots that are a must have at Thicket Priory!

The Grand Staircase is one way to make your entrance to a Morning Room ceremony, you could even have dad waiting on the bottom step for you. From classic fishtail dresses to all out Princess, you will look amazing descending the stairs as your fiancé awaits!
Whether you choose to hold your ceremony in the on-site Chapel or not it is the perfect setting for some memorable photographs, either just you and your dress…or with your new spouse! Between the stained glass and the arched staircase, you can be as angelic as the angels who decorate the bannisters!

Once the nuptials are complete, how about heading out onto the terrace accompanied by our peel of bells, where guests can throw confetti for yet again another memorable part of your wedding day. Confetti is thrown as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

The Bar & The Black and White Floor

Other Spaces …and dresses!

Let’s go outside…in any season!
From January to December…the images in our gardens are simply incredible. Explore the gardens and find your favourite places to capture memories you’ll have forever…you might even discover a few secrets! #fairydoor

The Garden Swing

I hope the images have given you some inspiration of the style of dress you might be looking for, but the experts will definitely let you know the do’s and don’ts of choosing a wedding dress. We just provide the setting for your wedding album!!
Love Anna

Photography by
Pink Lily Photography
Aaron Jeffels Photography
Jane Beadnell Photography
Josey Grace Photography
Carla Whittingham Photography
Phoebe Jane Photography
Anna Beth Photography
Tom Scott Photography
Hannah Brooke Photography
Emma Ryan Photography
Caitlin & Jones
Vivienne Edge Photography