The One with all Our Friends

The Wedding Industry is a very special industry which above all else is built on relationships. From our incredible suppliers, to our amazing team and of course our wonderful couples, it isn’t hard to see why we create friendships rather than business relationships. We all do this job because we love it just as much as each couple loves planning their wedding!

One thing that must be said at this stage is that we miss you ALL so much and cannot wait to see you all as soon as it is safe to do so!

We also must say a HUGE thank you for all the love and support you have provided during the last 9 months as it means so much to us. It really doesn’t seem like 5 minutes between when we had our ‘Friends & Family Event’ back in 2019; when ‘standy-up’ drinks receptions were permitted; to the last wedding where the drinks reception with canapés for 15 guests was enjoyed seated, socially distanced and served to the tables for the gorgeous guests of Mr & Mrs Wheatley.

In 2020 it has been even more evident than ever, just how important the friendships we have made are; from local suppliers and our caterers, to the new friends we have made whilst battling through the minefield of a very tough year.

It would be impossible to shout out every single person who we class as a friend, but you all know who you are! I thought this blog would just be an amazing way to share a little of what has been going on behind the scenes of Thicket Priory as a wedding venue during 2020! From the support groups, to the sharing and caring of ‘life before Covid’, as this is what has kept us going!

Let’s start with Instagram! This is a great place for our friends and super fans to tag us in their posts for all to see when browsing through images of Thicket Priory…and hopefully to help lots of lovely couples discover their wedding venue! Here’s all the images which we have been tagged in since the beginning of the pandemic! #thicketpriory #thanksforsharing

…can you spot your photos? Thank you for all the tags!

Speaking of Thank Yous…why not check out ‘The One with all the Thank Yous’ Blog for all the lovely testimonials we have received from our visitors since July 2019! It’s certainly the feel good blog we could read time and time again.

There have been a few key groups of industry experts who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get our industry voice heard by the government, so that they can start to understand what we need as an industry to survive, what our couples need in order not to be filled with anxiety and just how everyone in this industry will do anything and everything we can to come out of this even stronger than we went in!

Alison at Guides for Brides has been a personal favourite! She provides us with the information needed for both those working in the industry, as well as all the couples who have weddings booked or are planning their weddings.  Alison has been providing support, words of wisdom, and sometimes just the words we need to know that we are all in this together!
Here’s a fabulous link to help you if you are just embarking on the journey of planning your wedding:

And here is also an very important, and timely link that we’d like to ask all 2021 couple who are reading this blog to log on and take part!
Last chance to complete this very important survey; every answer can make a difference to policies being considered. This is your opportunity to have you say and hopefully a way to getting closer to the wedding you are hoping for.

Thank you for your help in the important research efforts being made!

Alison has also been a key player in the UK Weddings Taskforce which off the back of the #whataboutweddings movement is now working with the government on policies and guidance for the industry but from the perspective of those working and involved in it.

One of the toughest things during the whole pandemic has been the mental side of it. We all truly love being operational, surrounded by people and seeing lots and lots of smiling faces…without any of this it has been hard to stay positive, motivated and full of the usual beans that bounce us through each day! I know I speak for the majority when I say the above; from our own team, to all of our friends.

I must include a special mention to one lady who has been an invaluable support since April in particular, and in turn as a support for me, I have felt more equipped to support the team, our couples, and Thicket Priory as a business. Similarly, to Alison at Guides for Brides, the mixture of new information, space to ‘vent’, reassurances that we are doing things correctly and above all the new faces and friendships which have been forged because of the group, I am beyond grateful.

Kelly Chandler created a private group for wedding venues called ‘Wedding Venues Rebuilding’, which does feel more like we have grown stronger because of rather than ‘rebuilding’.
HUGE thank you Kelly, and the WVR gang! It was lovely to end the year with festive Zoom backdrops, a wedding quiz and dare I say a couple of well-earned glasses of wine! Stay safe and sane you lovely people!

As I said at the beginning of the blog, I would love to give a shout out to all our wonderful friends, couples, suppliers and team members but that would be what very long blog! Instead, I have shared with you lots of the Instagram loved shared during the last 9 months and a few key support networks which have really helped us get to 2021 in one piece!

Please continue to tag and hashtag Thicket Priory in your posts on social media as we’ll be sharing all the love to keep positivity levels on a high until the day we are running around with the hustle and bustle of more incredible weddings!

Sending much love
Anna xXx