The One with all the Little Touches

When looking through our photographs in order to choose what to include in this blog, it is incredible just how many little touches and details are captured by the photographers who visit Thicket Priory. It would be impossible, and probably take until this time next year to include every detail from every photographer so I have decided to focus on three.

First up, Caitlin & Jones, who photographed the gorgeous Mr & Mrs Barker’s wedding on 7th March, 2020. In between snapping images of the wedding guests and the formalities of the day, there was time to explore and really appreciate the little touches we have grown to love at Thicket Priory. In chronological order of what they captured first, here is what their eyes were drawn to from behind the lens.

My favourite from Caitlin & Jones is the image of ‘Mr & Mrs Barker’ in the old kitchen bells, this is a bell that guests are able to ring on the wedding day!  There are also a few other working bells but can you find them?? If you’re staying in Beatrice’s Room you may have the opportunity to ring for a lovely cup of Yorkshire Tea, accompanied by a Tunnock’s Teacake…however you may also visit your local Pantry on the East or West Wing.

Up next is the beautiful Phoebe Jane Photography who visited on a day with no one around in order to capture the details of a few new features that we added to Thicket Priory in the Spring of 2020 during the first restrictions, meaning we didn’t have any guests around, therefore Phoebe had free reign to adventure around the grounds and the building. With a wonderful eye for detail, Phoebe really does show off the detail of our new projects, from the upcycled keys, the new chapel curtains and our fairy door in the Californian Redwood Tree.

Phoebe found herself being the first photographer visiting after the installation of the upcycled key project, the fair door which can be found in the garden and also the luxurious new curtains in the entrance to the Chapel.  She has captured the detail of the keys project, including the key tags and locks which show which rooms they originate from.

And finally our good friend Carla Whittingham, who had been taking photographs at Thicket Priory almost from the beginning! Carla has been in for a wedding on 14th October 2020, and a number of inhouse events, from our Luxury Wedding Planners Experience to our Winter Tasting Menu Evening in December 2020. Carla has had the luxury of time to walk every corridors, visit every room and check out the grounds extensively during her visits and we just love her photographs! The following images are solely taken from her latest visit to Thicket Priory.

As a seasoned regular to Thicket Priory Carla has been able to find the finer detail in all the hidden spaces of the building and outside. Carla has depicted the detail of the artist, Bruce the owner, of the upcycled key project with the wax stamp applied when he finished this amazing piece of artwork.

I think this blog is a perfect platform for announcing the first WINNER of our 2021 Calendar competition. As we’ll be looking to release in time for December 2021 sales we needed a December 2020 photograph to be included in the Calendar!

#thicketprioryphotography is the hashtag you need to use when posting your photographs to social media each month as there will be a winner for each month of 2021, with the release of the calendar in December 2021, with a nominated charity to be announced.

Carla was here to photograph Mr & Mrs Wheatley’s wedding in October of 2020 when we were able to see Mars at it’s brightest for over 20 years! This is the result!

Thank you as ever for reading our blogs, there are a few more in the ’12 Episodes of Christmas’ series, then we will be posting one in-house blog and one guest blog each month. If you are interested in featuring as a guest blogger, please do get in touch with me directly, [email protected].

Love Anna