The One with all the Wedding Rings

This is the first in a series of blogs for your over the 12 days of Christmas, which we are dubbing the ’12 Episodes of Christmas’. For those who are fans of the TV series Friends…you’ll be familiar with the way we have named each blog! Enjoy!

We are kicking off with one if the key items in any wedding celebrations, this being the wedding rings! From classic plain wedding bands to vibrantly coloured precious stones, the wedding rings are something personal to each and every couple.

Photography by Victoria Baker Weddings
Over the many years of working in the wedding industry I’ve seen some incredibly beautiful rings, and of course one of the biggest differences to be seen with wedding rings, engagement rings in particular, is the coloured stones. From vibrant emerald greens, to deep blue sapphires, each have their own character and beauty.

Georgina and James who married at Thicket Priory just over a year ago, est. 21st December, 2019, has some of the most magnificent rings I’ve seen, more so Georgina, than James. Emerald green featured in both of our Bride’s engagement ring and wedding band; combing this with the stunning bright pink bouquet and your get the most amazing pop of colour in your wedding photographs.

Check their full feature length real wedding in their own personal blog HERE.
The stone meaning for emeralds dates back to ancient times of kings and queens with noble characteristics or love, beauty and fidelity. I also love that emeralds are said to bring an abundance of positive energy!

Photography by Tom Scott Photography
There is a profound history behind the significance of the Groom’s wedding band, from the symbol of love, commitment and also the agreement between the two families who are joining together.

The Egyptians and many other ancient cultures see the circle as the symbol of eternity with no beginning or end.

Photographs by Emma Ryan Photography

Photograph by Boho Chic Weddings

Photographs by Josey Grace Photography
From precious stones to metal choices for our simple wedding bands, there are a variety of choices and often the best way to choose is linked with they are the lifestyle of the wearer.
With choices between silver, gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten and titanium, each of these metals have their own strengths and weaknesses which can be matched to your personality!

Exploring the properties of just one of these we’ll talk about Tungsten, which I’ll be honest is a learning opportunity for me having never heard of this metal. Tungsten is a great choice for men who work with their hands. This metal never tarnishes, is highly resistant to scratches, which is why it is a favourite for the low maintenance owner amongst you!

Photograph by Annabeth Photography
From the traditional simple wedding band to something a little more colourful, I simply cannot miss out the cultural tradition of Mehndi, which is beautiful capture when taking photographs of the Bride’s wedding rings during an Indian wedding. Irram was the third Bride to take her vows at Thicket Priory back in September, 2019 and I still cannot get over just how amazing the detail is in these images!

Photographs by Phoebe Jane Photography
I personally love when we see a stunning wedding ring accompanied by beautifully painted nails; this is certainly something our Bride Kim back on 7th March, 2020 achieved with a bold burgundy! I’m sure Ruby will love painting her nails when she gets a little older, but she achieved being beautiful just by being there!

Photographs by Caitlin & Jones Photography
Just to finish off an educational read I’m going to throw in something a little different which is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding ceremony. In a world where Celebrants are being more and more popular there are various options during your ceremony to make it a little different for your guests, Eve, The Yorkshire Celebrant explains more in her blog feature, read more HERE.

One of our favourites is the symbolic tradition of ‘Handfasting’ which is what the lovely Mr & Mrs Hall involved in their wedding on the 14th March, 2020. (Yes, they are our luckiest couple! They married at Thicket Priory just before things when a little ‘off the rails!’)

There are a number of other ways to help your ceremony stand out but this does have a wonderful sense of theatre and tradition of ‘Tying the Knot’, which we just love!

Photograph by Nicola Dixon Photography
Happy ring shopping! We cannot wait to see more exchanging of wedding rings at Thicket Priory in our beautiful Chapel, Morning Room or Jefferson Room in 2021!
Festive Wishes on this Christmas Day, 2020!