The One with all Four Seasons

Everyone talks about ‘wedding season’ but honestly hear at Thicket Priory we so strongly believe that there isn’t a ‘best season’. There truly is so many amazing reasons to consider any season and I’m going to let you know about just a few!


One simple word…colour!

The colour of Spring from the flowers, to the gardens and the surrounding fields really is delightful.  I feel like Spring gives you a license to be as loud as you like with the colour palette’s used, from vibrant pinks, to lush yellows and bright oranges.  (not that you don’t have the license to go bright in the darker month…like Georgina & James did in December 2019! Check it our HERE!)

From inside the house which is bright and full of natural light in the Spring you and your tribe can dress to impress even before you walk down the isle!  I personally love to see the Buckingham Suite or the Vavasour Suite filled with matching ‘getting ready’ outfits, which in turn make for the best memories to look back on.  Lots of laughter, often some pre-ceremony tears and of course a couple of glasses of fizz!

Becca would choose Spring as her month to marry in, as it’s not too hot, there’ll be blossoms on the tree which is like additional confetti and all the flowers are starting to bloom!


From Spring colours to Summer, again this is a season to go as bold as you like!  Our very first weddings at Thicket Priory back in the Summer of 2019 witnessed two of the most well-dressed girl-tribes to enjoy the experience of getting ready with the Bride.

The Summer is a month which should, and I emphasize the word should, offer us warmer, sunnier, outdoor weather…but we are after all in Britain!  Between these two gorgeous wedding days we had a wedding ceremony in the Chapel, which is onsite and connected to the main building so no need to go outside if we were to get some typical British weather, and the second took place in the Bandstand!

I think summer is about your dress and shoes…you can make choices which should have you standing on drier, harder, cleaner ground and therefore those daintier style of wedding shoes will be perfect.  Zoe from treasured Bride’s talked to us about choosing the correct dress for your venue, if you’d like to learn more, dive in HERE.  Kate our beautiful Summer wedding in the Bandstand can be seen in one of the stunning gowns from Treasured Brides.

Photographers will just love the opportunities around the gardens to take your wedding day photographs (however this really is a four-season offering for all our couples!).  The green grass, the Victorian red brick of the building and the abundance of features to explore really will create the best wedding album you could wish for.


If I was choosing a season to marry in, I would always say Autumn or Winter.  I just love the thought of (in an ideal world), cold, crisp, blue skies, glistening frost and just how cosy the indoors feel when it is cold outside!  With Thicket Priory’s home-from-home feeling, with pantries, an ironing room, hot water bottles in your bedrooms, blankets and wellies, you have everything you need to get you through an Autumn or Winter visit to the North Yorkshire Countryside.

In ‘the fall’ the gardens showcase a different look, with leaves on the ground, squirrels burying their stash for the winter and of course the most incredible sun sets!  The décor of an Autumn wedding can be colourful earthy and full of life; from pumpkins and squashes or various colours, shapes and sizes, to burnt oranges, deep reds, built up with greens and other punches of colours, you really can have fun with an Autumn themed wedding.   Daniel and Irram went a little more classic with colours in September of 2019, with Daniel in a traditional black tuxedo, and Irram in the most exquisite wedding dress, with a natural colour complimenting the gardens, matched with beautiful flowers, stunning makeup and jewelry, finished with the deep colours of her Mehndi body art, created with the powered leaves of the henna plant.  How very autumnal indeed!

One of my favourite wedding photographs to capture during an Autumn wedding has got to be enjoying sparklers in the grounds with your friends and family!

Check out the real Autumn wedding of Mr & Mrs Hipperson, 9th November, 2019, HERE.


From snow, furs, pine cones, orange and cinnamon to silvery eucalyptus, winter berries, holly and ivy…Winter has a wealth of options to go as traditionally Christmas as you like, or on the other hand a wintery feel that’s a far away from Father Christmas as it can be.  A December wedding doesn’t necessarily mean red, green, Christmas trees and Michael Bublé!  However, for the purposes of sharing some simple winter detail with you, I’m not going to be touching on the ‘alternative’ December wedding in this Blog. (This is covered in the real wedding of Mr & Mrs Thornton, HERE)

Simple green and white is something I adore and can vouch for looking both classy, clean and magical.  Yes the winter months bring in the shorter days and do mean a little less day light for photographs but do not despair as there are so many wonderful photo opportunities inside Thicket Priory, from the grand staircase and the Chapel, to the beautiful fire places and of course our ballroom.

Black and white photographs are an incredible way of capturing the detail of your day and the winter definitely gives you the opportunity for this!

I hope you enjoyed reading…tune in tomorrow for ‘The One with all the Food & Drink’.

Photography by
Caitlin & Jones
Nicola Dixon Photography
Lee Daniels Photography
Vivienne Edge Weddings
Aaron Jeffels Photography
Pink Lily Photography
Steven Mcdonald Photography
Carla Whittingham Photography
Studio Lester
Anna Beth Photography
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