The One with all the Food & Drink

I think it is safe to say that in the world of hospitality we all love our food and drink.  From grazing feasts and tasty canapés, to seasonal local produce and food theatre, there is something for everyone in the a world filled with culinary creativity!

Food Glorious Food

We work with two teams of highly experienced chefs as part of our two chosen caterers.

Between Matt & Ashley at Baba Ganoush Catering, and Mark & Nova at Purple Chilli Events Catering you are in the safest hands.  You as the couple or host work directly with the catering teams as they are the experts, and who better to talk about your food delights than the chef themselves!

Let’s educate anyone who is embarking on the journey of planning their wedding following a festive engagement.  Over the years of showing around newly engaged couples it is quite often that we see a very confused face looking back at us when we refer to the ‘Wedding Breakfast’…I even had one groom asking me why we’d be serving ‘bacon butties’ after their ceremony!  Needless to say this isn’t the ‘Wedding Breakfast’ I was referring to.

In tradition the term ‘Wedding Breakfast’ dates back to the 17th century; where couples would have been fasting in the run up to Mass and therefore for the newlyweds the meal after their wedding ceremony was literally ‘breaking the fast’.  In more modern times it does still hold sense in that it is the first meal that you eat together as newlyweds.

Above Images Baba Ganoush Catering

Above Images Purple Chilli Event Catering

Above Images Baba Ganoush Catering

Above Images Purple Chilli Catering

Drinks – Bottom’s Up!

What’s your tipple?  From gins and whiskey’s to wines and non-alcoholic beverages we can cater for everyone.  The most recent star of the show being the gins of the world, followed closely by the increasing popularity of rum!

Mr & Mrs Wheatley est. 14th October 2020, chose to have Gin and Tonic served with their canapés for guests against the grain of many choosing to go for a classic glass of fizz.  I personally loved this and as guest numbers were small we offered table service (covid secure), with a choice of a London dry with Indian tonic, or a grapefruit flavoured gin with a Mediterranean tonic; it went down very well!  A personal favourite of ours this time of year being the Sloemotion Sloe Gin, which is also a great idea for guest favours!

For those non-drinks amongst, what would you tipple be, here’s a few tips for your alcohol-free guests.

While couples are getting ready to take their walk down the isle it is 9 times out of 10 that drinks are served to calm the nervous or to start the celebrating with your nearest and dearest before the nuptials begin.

It is great to see how the manliest of men are partial to a glass of champagne when the wedding day arrives as I’m sure many of them would never walk into a bar with friends and order a glass of bubbles!  Enjoy the guilty pleasure boys, I don’t think there’s anything to feel guilty about!  And vice versa, if you’d like to enjoy that cold crisp pint of beer in your wedding dress, then you go for it!

Ensuring there is an opportunity for every couple to have 5 minutes to themselves on the wedding day is something I task myself with.  The day can go by in heart beat, so taking a few moments to let it all sink in is so important.  Couples can be caught up talking to guests all day and sometimes they are so very much appreciative of 5 minutes of ‘quiet time’.

Beautiful glassware is a must here at Thicket Priory…a great drink should be served in an even greater glass!  From the Gin glasses which when hung behind the bar feel like additional chandeliers, to the strong but elegant tableware, so are proud to see the sparkle in each and every glass.

The sparkle in each glass is also complimented by the sparkle in every smile…albeit that the smiles are hidden behind masks and visors right now!  The Thicket Priory team have perfected how to smile with our eyes and any drinks you are served is part of the experience of meeting the hard working gang keeping you wined and dined during your stay!

What better way to celebrate into the latter part of any wedding celebration than with a few tasty shots of tequila…served of course in tiny crystal cut tumblers! Bottom’s up!

Love Anna

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