But will the Gown suit my Venue????

“Guest Blog by Zoe Cornwell Treasured Brides”




If I could have £1 for every time a Bride has muttered these words when choosing their perfect gown, I think I could spend my days laid on a beach sipping Prosecco rather than working at all! It is something every Bride I would say, takes into consideration when choosing their gown.  Do they have a fairy tale, princess gown if they are getting married in a field? Is a tea length gown suitable for a magnificent castle or can they wear BoHo Chic to 5* Hotel affair? Although my advice is “Choose the gown you really feel special in, do not worry about the venue” I do understand Brides do not want to feel they look out of place at their own Wedding. They desire a gown that is fitting to their venue which sadly often is not the gown they fall in love with.

Its been nearly two years since I received an early preview invitation to view the “not yet known to the wedding world” Thicket Priory. Somehow, I just knew I was going to be in for a treat, and I had a feeling I was going to experience something truly unique. After turning onto the drive and catching a sneaky glimpse between the trees of the red bricks and gorgeous windows I knew this was going to be an undiscovered gem.

Having a Bridal Boutique, I hear of lots of beautiful, stunning venues and I always love to find new ones to shout about.  When I choose which gowns to stock in my Boutique, I always think of the venues that they may be showcased at. As soon as I arrived at the magnificent, statuesque yet still so inviting venue I had mixed feelings of excitement, intrigue, anticipation and a bit of nervousness of what lie in wait for me inside these stunning walls.  This is the same feeling that I believe my Brides experience when they visit me to find their perfect gown. I wish I could bottle this feeling and sell it as it would make me a fortune!!

Please do not get too excited, my Boutique is set in a far less a magnificent building, doesn’t include 35 en-suite bedrooms and certainly isn’t set in 18 acres of stunning grounds but none the less the feeling of knowing you have arrived somewhere special and the knowing you are about to experience something uniquely memorable is exactly the same!

As I walked around, even with very limited furniture and some parts still a building site I just knew so many of my gowns would suit this wonderful building.  The potential of what it would become when fully up and running was, even at this point Crystal Clear.

Brides that choose to make Thicket Priory their venue for their perfect day are so lucky, not only to have chosen one of the best run wedding venues in the country but also safe in the knowledge they can wear any style of gown they choose and will never feel like they are “out of place”.  Thicket Priory has somehow created a truly Fairy Tale, magical, mystical feel whilst somehow still managing to feel like a classy, chic, cosy and modern house it truly is unique!

With every twist and turn in the house there is a photo opportunity waiting to be captured, Brides (and Grooms) will effortlessly become models for the day as photographers are encapsulated by the lighting from all angles.

At Treasured Brides we have so many stunning gowns in an array of silhouettes and colours that suit Thicket Priory perfectly.  If you’d like a full skirted ballgown or a slim fitting mermaid style for the mandatory Grand Staircase shot, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  You may prefer a full gown of lace and diamanté detail that captures the sunlight in the Buckingham Suite instead. Equally if you feel your perfect gown is one to show off your figure on your special day as you sashay down your chosen aisle be it The Chapel, Morning Room or the stunning Bandstand we have those too. However if you’d rather an effortlessly, chic no detailed gown to saunter round the Gryffin Bar whilst sipping champagne from you coupe we have the perfect gown for that as well!

The grounds at Thicket Priory are beyond stunning and add even more opportunities for sensational images.  Walking around the landscaped gardens as Husband and Wife will be something couples will remember for the rest of their lives.  You will feel elated in any style of gown as you grace one of the three bridges with the lavish house as your background whispering sweet nothings to each other.  I am positive every couple at this point will look back at the house and say, “I wish we lived here!”

Any gown be it full, fitted, sexy, ethereal and everything in between you choose you will feel beyond amazing on your special day at Thicket Priory in a Treasured Brides gown. Just like Thicket Priory, our gowns are stunning, elegant, magical and will make you feel beyond wonderful. We are honoured to play a part in your day and will help you every step of the way.

So back to the original question, “But will the gown go with my venue?” rest assured that this will never be an issue for a Thicket Priory Bride. You may just have to choose a couple of different gowns for you to change into throughout the day if you cannot choose just one!!!

Love to all

Zoe x
Treasured Brides

Photography by

Pink Lily Photography

Joanne Lawrence Photography