The One with all our Favourite Spaces

In a venue with so much more than just bedrooms and reception rooms, it is a hard question to answer when asked ‘which is your favourite space’? I asked the team and wanted to share with you why we love Thicket Priory so much! So here are 4 of our favourite spaces, we hope you enjoy!

1. The Old Kitchen – Katie’s Favourite Space

The Old Kitchen is a personal favourite of Katie’s because it is ‘cute, traditional and so so functionable’!  The Old Kitchen is home to a number of beautiful features from the servant’s bells, the stunning nautical light and of course the fifteen foot table!

Enjoying a two-day wedding at Thicket Priory will see this table being used for your night prior informal dining, including grazing feasts, pie & peas or even a selection of curries depending upon your preferences!  Make it as personal to you and your guests as you wish by working with our caterers on your bespoke menus.  The morning of the wedding this can also be the base for having your breakfast to set you up for the day…what is better than a table filled with pastries, fruit, yoghurt and juices, or even a tasty bagel station!

Everyone wants to take photographs in the Old Kitchen, I mean who wouldn’t want to!!!

…here’s a little throw back to what the Old Kitchen looked like before adding the finishing touches and of course the amazing Kitchen table!

2. The Dunnington Room – Becca’s Haven

Named after the Dunnington family who lived at Thicket Priory when it was a family home, this is a room which once was the ‘end of the line’, but now is more of a ‘discovery’!  Becca’s love for this room comes from the fact that she has been part of something that will now be the history of Thicket Priory!  The secret garden!

The Dunnington Room has seen several forms since I first visited Thicket Priory back in the Autumn of 2019.  Original a storeroom which had fondly adapted to the name of the ‘room of requirement’…of which is continues to be to this day.  That being the room of requirements, not a storeroom.  It is as far away from a storeroom as it can possible be after plenty of love and care has been poured into the room by three infamous artists!

The Dunnington Room used to be the part of Thicket Priory that the nuns spent their recreational time; this was time spent together where they would break their silence, so it is only fitting that it be a space used for guests to come together an enjoy each other’s companies today.

The Dunnington Room has hosted a number of wonderful crowds of guests, from floral work shops to family meals, a board game room and even a sweetie factory!  My personal favourite to date was the meal the night priory to Catherine and David’s wedding where guests dining in mere candle light, and although socially distanced the connection and atmosphere in the room was truly magical!

The Artists who commissioned the Dunnington Room were non-other than the infamous trio of Bruce Corrie, Rebecca Barningham and Flame Teale.

3. The Jefferson Room…followed up closely by the Gryffin Bar – Sarah’s Pick of the Spaces

The Jefferson Room

The Jefferson Room is the warmest room in the house, this being one of Sarah’s reasons for loving it!  If she ever needs some quiet office time this is where you’d find her!  The Jefferson Room, named after the Jefferson Family living here as the original family of Thicket Priory, with the family crest of our beloved Gryffin!  We just love learning about the History of Thicket Priory…want to learn a little more, click HERE.

The Jefferson Room is one of our licensed ceremony spaces; one of 4 spaces, others being the Ballroom/Morning, the bottom of the Grand Staircase and also the Bandstand, all stunning spaces to speak the legally biding words of marriage.  This room is also where you’ll find the incredibly beautiful upcycled keys project which is a little bit of a challenge for any musical visitors at Thicket Priory.

The Gryffin Bar

I don’t think it is hard to guess why the Gryffin Bar is a favourite space for Sarah, and if I’m totally honest I think a close second for all the team!  From the comfortable lounge furniture and views of the gardens, to the twinkly glassware and the array of beverages to choose from, the Gryffin Bar is such a great place to relax and socialise with your friends and family over a celebratory drink!

If you take a good look around the bar, you’ll find the Gryffin hiding on shelves, and also adorning the table legs that you’ll be sitting at.

Here’s one of our biggest fans, and someone who enjoyed lots of celebratory drinks in the Gryffin Bar whilst celebrating the happiest day of his life!

Love Anna


Photography by
Josey Grace Photography
Caitlin and Jones
Carla Whittingham Photography