Step by Step Guide to Planning your Wedding

There is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding, each person and couple are different, and every wedding is unique. For many couples this is the first time you will have done anything like this, and it is most likely to be one of the largest celebrations you will throw.

If you are finding it all a bit overwhelming, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Thicket Priory’s Step by Step Guide

I personally LOVE a list……. I know there are some Groom’s out there who also LOVE a spreadsheet! (You know who you are!) … it is good to be organised. The team in the office often laugh at my large A4 Day Planner (which is also colour coded) but I love the structure; and the satisfaction I get for ticking each task off is huge.

I think having a plan to work towards is so helpful, so I have created our very own Thicket Priory Step by Step guide. It gives timings and helpful tips and hints on where to start once you have secured your Wedding Venue. (download yours here)

Let’s expand on a few of the point in the Step by Step Guide…

Choosing a Wedding Photographer / Videographer

In my opinion this is one of the most important parts to get right. Your photographer is the one that will be capturing all those wonderful memories for you, it is so important that you find the right one. Make sure you feel comfortable with them, as they will be a big part of your day.

Videography is often a second thought, but really is just as important (if not more!); being able to re-live all the emotion of your wedding day can be so magical. You also get to see parts of the day that you may not have been able to see, for example the Bride leaving the bridal suite all excited making her way to the ceremony…or the groom shedding a tear whilst he’s waiting!

Picking a Colour Scheme

Pick it early as it will be the basis for all your planning and will help set the tone for your wedding. It is beautiful when you can see a colour flow seamlessly throughout a wedding, it adds a certain level of luxury and class. Starting early from the save the dates, to the official invitation; then echoing in the flowers you choose for the venue, Bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. Table settings can be a place you really throw the colour in, with runners, flowers and even the crockery.

(Check out the full colour blog featured in Brides Up North)

Here’s some additional inspiration for colour a colour theme taken from a styled shoot with one of our Friends of Thicket Priory, Ambience Venue Styling UK.

Arranging your Wedding Breakfast Tables

This does not need to be a scary or stressful process. First things first, are you going to have round tables or long tables? Once you have decided on this it is time to get creative and even get 3D to help you visualize.  Being able to move people around whilst in the planning stages is key, one of our favorites below, using cardboard to draw the tables out, then each guest is attached to toothpicks, so they can be moved around.

Once you are happy with the placement of your guests it is time to think about how you want to display your table plans for all to see on the wedding day, before taking their seats in the Ballroom.

Pampering, You Time and Preparation

Don’t forget to take some you time, and enjoy the time you have with each other as an engaged couple.  Take trips, explore new places, make some memories, relax at the spa or whatever you like to do together, your engagement may go by in the blind of an eye if you don’t take time to enjoy it!

This is also a great time to start planning thinking about your beauty plans!  If you are thinking of changing hair colour for the wedding, it is best to start this process now, and gradually build to your desired colour. The same goes for whitening your teeth, if you feel your smile needs a little bit of an upgrade for the big day this is the perfect time to start on treatments.

I hope this helps, and really do try to enjoy this process, it will only happen once (hopefully) and do not forget to download the step by step guide to help you along the way.

Enjoy, lots of Love Becca xx


Photography by:

Josey Grace Photography

Rock & Rock Wedding Videography


Carla Whittingham Photography

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