Everyone knows how unpredictable the British weather can be, and with us being a venue in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, unexpected showers can often appear! But do not let this worry you – rain on your wedding day is in fact good luck (and our wellies are always by the door next to the umbrellas!).

1. ‘Wet Knot’

Arguably the most popular story told to couples if it rains on their wedding day is the ‘Wet Knot’ theory. Originating from Hindu traditions, it describes a wet knot as being extremely hard to untie, therefore signifying a lasting marriage – the bond cannot be broken, and the vows cannot be undone.
The Handfasting Ceremony, an ancient Celtic ritual in which the couple’s hands are tied together to symbolise the binding of their two lives, can act as a visual representation of the wet knot. Not just performed at weddings, but also for engagements, vow renewals and anniversaries, this tradition embodies “tying the knot”, and predictably when wet the knot is extremely hard to undo!

2. Cultural References
There are many things that rain represents in different cultures – to name but a few: fertility, cleansing, unity, and renewal. It is therefore often seen as good luck to have it rain on your wedding day, as it cleanses the couple from bad memories, marking a fresh start, while predicting fertility and good fortune for the newlyweds.

3. Celtic Wedding Blessing
“Happy is the bride that rain falls on
May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace…”

I asked the team here at Thicket Priory what their favourite things are from when it has rained on previous wedding days:

• If it’s raining outside that tends to mean all your guests are inside, giving that warm and cosy atmosphere and making it truly feel like home for the weekend.
• Everyone inside means everyone on the dancefloor in the evening!
• The bandstand is a gorgeous location for outdoor photos as it provides cover from the rain whilst still having the background of the garden
• The romanticism of running in the rain – and imagine how the pictures will turn out!
• The wet weather ceremony options here at Thicket Priory are not a backup option; they are genuinely places you can choose to marry if wanting an indoor ceremony.

I have handpicked five different rainy-day weddings held here at Thicket Priory to show how gorgeous they can be despite the wet weather…

Melissa & Oliver – Mr & Mrs Fields Est. 30th September 2023


Lisa & Leon – Mr & Mrs Chang Est. 20th June 2023


Lisa and Leon’s multi-ceremony wedding was featured on Coco Wedding Venues Blog, with notes from the couple themselves and our General Manager Anna; which can be found HERE.


Lauren & Danny – Mr & Mrs Gunson Est. 15th July 2023


Annie & Jamie – Mr & Mrs Stephen Est. 5th November 2022


Laetitia & Guy – Mr & Mrs Richardson Est. 29th October 2022


Ultimately, if rain is forecast on your wedding day, there is no need to worry, you’ll still have an amazing time and a gorgeous day; we always have a plan in case this happens to ensure everything still runs smoothly! If you want to explore all the ceremony spaces Thicket Priory has to offer – both indoor and outdoor – then just look HERE.

We have very limited dates left for 2024 and more in 2025; if you are dreaming of having your own fairytale wedding (rain or no!) at Thicket Priory, please do get in touch HERE.

With love,
Lil xXx

When it rains, look for rainbows.

Supplier Love: Melissa & Oliver – Mr & Mrs Fields Est. 30th September 2023

Photographer – Lucy Henzell Photography
Florist – Wood ‘n’ Earth (Kris Patterson – all the way from Ireland!)
Buttonholes – Rainflorist (Jo)
Hair – Amy Lopez & Ava
Makeup – Becky Bateson
Cake – M&S Colin & Connie
Celebrant – Karen Beattie
Daytime Entertainment – Simon & Tim on Keyboard & Guitar (Family Friends)
Evening Entertainment – Beat Boutique (Plus Sax & Bongos)
Caterer – Purple Chilli

Supplier Love: Lisa & Leon – Mr & Mrs Chang Est. 20th June 2023

Photographer – Carla Whittingham
Florist – Dreamboats & Carousels (Kim)
Venue Stylist – Ambience North Yorkshire (Lydia)
Hair & Makeup – Absolutely Flawless Manchester
Cake – Poppy Pickering
Evening Entertainment – Groove Anatomy Band & DJ

Supplier Love: Lauren & Danny – Mr & Mrs Gunson Est. 15th July 2023

Photographer – Danni Louise Photographer
Videographer – Stella Photos
Florist – Elle Flowers
Venue Stylist – Ambience North Yorkshire
Celebrant – Penelope Jayne
Cake – Baked by Beth
Hair – Beauty by Byrne
Makeup – The Hair & Makeup Project
Daytime Entertainment – Solo Sax (Jonny Ross), Magician (Russ Appleby) & Mini Golf (PartTee)
Evening Entertainment – Fat Cats Band
Caterer – Purple Chilli

Supplier Love: Annie & Jamie – Mr & Mrs Stephen Est. 5th November 2022

Photographer – Lauren Knuckey
Videographer – M W Films
Florist – Horseshoe Flowers
Hair – Your Bridal Team (Luan)
Evening Entertainment – The Cave (Warble Entertainment Group)

Supplier Love: Laetitia & Guy – Mr & Mrs Richardson Est. 29th October 2022

Photographer – Carla Whittingham
Videographer – James Tracey
Florist & Venue Stylist – Fleur Adamo (Kathrine)
Hair & Makeup – Natalie Willingham
Cake – West Country Cheese
Kids Entertainment – Scape School (Ellie)
Daytime Entertainment – Pianist Raymond Keys (Richard Hughes)
Evening Entertainment – Sunny Roots