A Guide to Our Ceremony Spaces at Thicket Priory

We have three beautiful ceremony spaces for you to choose from for your wedding day, each just as lovely. Depending on personal preference and the style of ceremony you are dreaming of, we are sure one of the three will be your dream location…


Our on-site Chapel has such a rich history with its beautiful stained-glass windows and is able to seat up to 120 guests. The stained-glass windows create the perfect setting to say, ‘I do’, cascading golden light around the walls and filling the Chapel with warmth.

Whilst you cannot marry with a registrar in our Chapel, you can have a Celebrant led ceremony. Celebrants are able to create bespoke ceremonies with every aspect personalised; from the music and readings to the vows themselves, making them incredibly unique to each individual couple. The Chapel is perfect for those who wish to have a religious ceremony including religious readings and hymns however also for those who would like a Chapel setting but without any religious significance.

There is also the option to have a family or friend officiate your ceremony (like Joey on friends!), which can be a lovely personal touch and also create a more relaxed style ceremony if this is something that you would prefer.

In order to incorporate your legal signing with your registrar, you then have the following three options:

1.     To have your legal signing on the same day as your celebrant led ceremony – which would take place in our Jefferson Room whilst your guests are taking their seats for your Wedding Breakfast.

2.     To have your legal signing before your guests arrive on your day prior – a more intimate signing in the Jefferson Room with just close family/friends,

3.     To have your legal signing off-site in the lead up to your wedding at your local registry office.

Each option works really well and the decision as to which to go for is just personal choice!

Morning Room

Our Morning Room is a beautiful neutral space with huge windows that fill the room with gorgeous light, acting as a blank canvas for you to fill with the flowers and décor of your choice to make the space feel truly yours. The feature fireplace with your choice of seasonal flowers becomes a gorgeous backdrop for your vows.

The Morning Room is a licensed space and you can legally marry with a registrar, we fall within the jurisdiction of Selby Registry office and so they will take care of you for your legal ceremony.

The space can hold up to 160 guests sat between the lower section and the top section – this is perfect as anyone sat in the back row still has a really great vantage point.

Whilst you can legally get married with a registrar within this space, you do have the option to choose a celebrant should you wish to opt for a more personal style ceremony.

 The Gardens  

Within out vast gardens you have two options for an outdoor ceremony location; either at our bandstand overlooking the orchard or with the lake as your backdrop, both as equally breathtakingly beautiful. There’s something just so romantic about an outdoor ceremony!

The Gardens are a popular choice during the Summer months however due to the typical (!) British countryside we always make sure to have a backup plan indoors for either the Chapel or the Morning Room so that you don’t have to face the wet weather!

We would make the final decision in the final few days before your wedding in order to reduce any stress on your wedding day itself.

Please do get in touch to speak to one of our team HERE so that we can discuss these different options in more detail with you and find the perfect ceremony space for your wedding!


Lots of love,

Jess x


Supplier Love:

Styled Shoot (photos 1-3)

Photographer: Hazy Days

Florist: Leafy Couture


Mr and Mrs Adamski EST. 29th April 2023 (photos 4-10)

Photographer: Carla Whittingham

Florist: Lucy Hope


Mr and Mrs Haley  EST. 10th December 2022 (photos 11-13)

Photographer: Carla Whittingham

Florist: Wedding Blossoms


Mr and Mrs Richardson EST. 29th October 2022 (photos 14-19)

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Styled Shoot (photos 20-23)

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Mr and Mrs Fields EST. 30th September 2023 (photos 24-26)

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Mr and Mrs Norton-Lamb EST. 8th April 2023 (photos 27-30)

Photographer: Carla Whittingham

Florist: Dreamboats and Carousels


Mr and Mrs Lee EST. 15th April 2023 (photos 31-36)

Photographer: Photos By Charli

Florist: Dreamboats and Carousels


Mr and Mrs Stoddard EST. 22d July 2023 (photos 37-40)

Photographer: Carla Whittingham

Florist: Dreamboats and Carousels


Mr and Mrs Gupta EST. 30th July 2022 (photos 41-46)

Photographer: Emma Ryan

Florist: Dreamboats and Carousels


Mr and Mrs France EST. 13th August 2022 (photos 47-52)

Photographer: Pear Bear Photography

Florist: Dittany Entwined


Mr and Mrs Mason EST. 21st May 2022 (photos 53-56)

Photographer: Amy Lou Photography

Florist: Bloom and Bridal