The 10 most important questions to ask your Wedding Venue!

Planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. So what are the dos and don’ts? What questions do you ask? Where do you start?

Choosing a date and confirming a venue that is suitable to host your special day is probably the most important place to start.

So we have put together the ‘10 most important questions to ask your wedding venue’

Who will be looking after us?

It is so important for you to get on well with your wedding coordinator/team, as they will be your main contact at the venue. They should be with you every step of the way from your first venue tour, to the planning meetings, wedding set up and then coordinating your special day and ensuring everything is running on time.

Can we set up the day before?

Many venues do back-to-back weddings, which often doesn’t allow you much time between weddings to personalize the venue for your special day. There is nothing worse than coming in to set your wedding when the last couple are still clearing away theirs.

Having a day or two between weddings is perfect as it allows you time to come in the day before and not have to rush, it also means you can leave that evening knowing that you wedding is set up perfectly for you and your guests arriving the next day.

What’s included?

There are some sneaky venues out there, some will charge you extra for staffing, use of tables and chairs, certain rooms and even cleaning. It’s always a good idea to ask if there are any additional charges.

Do you have a wedding license?

A very important question. ‘can you legally marry at the venue’? and in what rooms/locations?

*link to Annas blog – what is a celebrant

Can we have fireworks and Confetti?

An excellent question to ask as some venues have restrictions on fireworks. Like us we are surrounded by a nature reserve so fireworks v-can’t be used but we offer an alternative of firepits and sparklers, Many venues don’t allow confetti as it can be very unsightly. It’s also not particularly eco-friendly unless biodegradable,

What is the planning process?

Every venue works differently, we are very hands on and are with you every step of the way. Its vital to find out what your venue will and won’t help with.

Here at Thicket Priory, after your initial venue tour and any other visits with family, We would arrange a further 2 meetings at the venue with our couples, one around 6 months prior to the wedding day and we provide couples with a list of questions to consider when preparing for this meeting, their ‘homework’!

A further meeting then takes place one month before the wedding to finalise the arrangements, establish all final costs and confirm the final number of guests

Do we have to pay upfront?

Many venues will ask for full payment upfront which can be difficult for many couples. Venues such as ourselves require an initial deposit to secure the date after which the next payments are scheduled which makes it a lot more manageable.

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Do you have a wet weather option?

Unfortunately, the English weather isn’t always sympathetic to couples wanting an outdoor wedding. There needs to be a backup plan which you may not have thought of, particularly if you visited the venue on a lovely sunny day.

Questions to ask would be. is there another ceremony location? Where is suitable for photographs?

Where do my guest’s park, can they park overnight?

Often guests have to travel to get to the venue, usually by car. The last thing they will want is to pay extra for parking or walk miles in high heels! (Believe me I’ve done it and am not a fan). Parking at the venue and being able to leave your car overnight will definitely gain you brownie points

Can we include our dog?

The pet pooch is an important family member and one that needs to be included. Whether he or she is delivering the rings down the aisle or just there for the photos you need to feel their needs are catered for. Many venues now have dog friendly rooms some better venues have doggy babysitters, we recommend this lovely Lady. *image link BowWowVow http://www.bowwowvow.co.uk/

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