Do’s & Don’ts for having a Dog Friendly Wedding

Friendships don’t run much deeper than you and your pooch, he’s probably your number one companion, and as a proud parent to your “fur baby” why wouldn’t you want them to be part of your special day. Dogs can reduce stress, anxiety and can lighten the mood if things get emotional, and personally, we think your dog would be honoured to be included in the most important day of your life. If you are serious about having your four-legged friend at your wedding day you will have to think about the practicalities, but we’re not trying to put you off, here are our do’s and don’ts;


Do ensure the venue is pet-friendly

Make sure your venue is pet-friendly and they know your intentions, communication is key when organising a pet-friendly wedding! Even if the venue allows pets, make sure that if you’re involving them in the ceremony the registrars are happy too. Often the registrars don’t want them in the ceremony as they say it can take away from the seriousness of making the commitment of marriage. Thicket Priory believes that ‘a man’s best friend’ are all VIPS to, and we warmly welcome them to the Priory with our Garden Rooms being fully dog-friendly, and of course they’ll love exploring our beautiful grounds.

Do Practice, practice, practice

Make sure you take your pet to the venue, put him in his big-day outfit and let him get familiar with the space. If he’ll be walking down the aisle, practice several times so he isn’t surprised on the big day. Your dog will have to have all his usual needs accommodated for on your wedding day, plus some extra treats and toys around to keep him happy and relaxed.

Do appoint a Chaperone

Ask a friend or relative, ideally someone who is familiar with your pet to ensuring that your wedding will go ahead without a glitch, you will not have time to tend to your dogs every need on the big day, trust us, you’ll be busy! Or better still, have a professional pet sitter – BowWowVow will take over the responsibility of walking down the aisle with your pooch, which is a nice touch. Or they can come and collect him later on when the party starts – he will probably be exhausted from all the excitement of the day anyway!


Don’t risk safety for style

Dogs do look good in a tux, however if your fur baby is struggling or shows signs of dislike and discomfort, do not force them into an outfit or situation that’s harmful and grounds for animal cruelty. There are lots of ways to include your pet in your wedding, just be sure you consider your pet’s personality, not every pet is well behaved enough to last through the ceremony. If a big-day role doesn’t seem quite right, consider having your pet in your engagement photos.

Don’t expect it to go smooth

Pets are always crowd-pleasers and Instagrammable, so what better opportunity is there than on your wedding day when everyone is looking their best to get some fun family shots, but just remember, no wedding goes completely according to plan and things may frustrate you, so do have a sense of humour about it and expect the unexpected.

Don’t have accidents

Whilst you might love your pup to bits, we guarantee you’ll have other things on your mind on your wedding day and won’t be able to watch him yourself, so make sure he goes for a walk and has been to the toilet before his starring role, you don’t want your pooch pooping on the carpet, or rolling in dirt before the photographs begin.

Love Always

Sarah xox