Rainbow blog – Yellow

Today’s blog is yellow, the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness! This gorgeous photo is an arrangement by Mandy at Wedding Blossoms York.

We haven’t had any yellow schemed weddings or shoots at Thicket Priory so I thought today I’d celebrate what an incredible team we have, in house and with our incredible suppliers, and all the happy times we have at Thicket Priory behind the scenes!

So let’s give some shout outs to some of our Friends of Thicket Priory. First we have the wonderful Hello There Films and this gorgeous video they shot of a couple Leah and Richie enjoying a beautiful sunset on their wedding day.

Craig and Charlotte, the couple that are Hello There Films have shot gorgeous videos of Thicket Priory and for that we thank them. Check out the full video below. They also did a hilarious couples question time with Anna that you can watch here.

Next up we have Kathrine from Fleur Adamo and Mandy from Wedding Blossoms York. They were some of the first ambassadors for Thicket Priory and I love this photo of them after doing the wreath making workshop at our Wedding Planners Experience back in October. They’ve given us so much help and done so many events and weddings at Thicket Priory that we can’t thank them enough.

This bright bridal bouquet by Kathrine is a great example of how versatile she is and how fabulous yellow can be on your big day. Below is a very sweet photo of Mandy’s tortoise, Otis modelling a wildflower bridesmaid posey.

Above is a dress from Treasured Brides. Treasured Brides is run by the sensational Zoe Cornwell. Zoe has been in and around Thicket Priory since day dot and is a true testament to how incredible our extended team is.

yellow wedding

This is me and Zoe having a very deserved break during a wedding last year. Sometimes you just need a beer! Anna wasn’t able to work that day but me and Zoe made sure everything went perfectly. Couldn’t have done it without her so massive thank you Zoe!

yellow wedding

Then there’s Carla Whittingham, who took this lovely photo of all the wellies we have for guests. The little yellow ones are so cute! Carla’s another star who is always in and around Thicket Priory taking beautiful shots of couples wedding days.

yellow wedding

Another of Carla’s photos, these biscuits are made by Lisha from L.S.Cakery who never stops spoiling us!! She makes these incredible biscuits for couples who come to visit the venue and every time she stops by, she always leaves us cupcakes, brownies and biscuits for the office so massive thank you to her for spoiling us rotten.

Next up is Louisa Starr! What a woman, what a great celebrant. Below is a photo of her conducting the blessing of our first TP couple, Daria and Dougie in our chapel.

yellow wedding

Louisa has a background in theatre, and she makes any wedding blessing as colourful as she is!

yellow wedding

Here she is with a couple she blessed not at Thicket Priory but her yellow dress is perfect for the blog and below is a personal favourite of mine.

yellow wedding

We’ve not yet had a couple at Thicket Priory who have truly stretched her creative abilities but I’m sure it’s coming soon! If you’re looking for a wedding venue for outdoor weddings, Thicket Priory has everything you need!

Baba Ganoush Dining is one of the three wonderful catering companies we work with at Thicket Priory but unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the wonderful team that always in and out of the building! So here are some photos of some delicious golden honeycomb oozing over the cheese and (don’t forget this is a blog about yellow) sliced pear as part of sumptuous wedding breakfast spread.

Yellow wedding

They’re just some of the amazing suppliers who make and event or wedding at Thicket Priory everything you dreamed of but let’s go behind the scenes and shout out the unsung heroes of Thicket Priory Estates. They’re the guys who renovated the place and maintain its glory.

Left to right, you’ve got Henri…

yellow blog

who is an amazing photographer in his spare time…

John the plumber (or JTP as he’s affectionately known)… who always has a good dad joke to tell. This is him saying the thickening shampoo his Secret Santa gave him was working…

yellow blog

then you’ve got Andy…

yellow blog
who lives on-site and is a true unsung hero – he never stops and turns his hand to anything and everything!

Then there’s Little Andy…  who’s the tallest of the bunch…

yellow blog

and finally Alex…  who can normally be found bombing around on a tractor with a cig hanging out of his mouth.

yellow wedding

They’re always filthy, always happy to help and their favourite thing to do is to make us girls jump by sneaking up on us in the office, jumping out at us or moving the creepy mannequins around in the cellar. They’re great and without them there’d be no hot water, no beautiful rooms and no sweeping gardens so a HUGE thank you to them!

This year, Alex and Henri had the formidable task of planting 4000 daffodil and snowdrop bulbs all over the grounds! Photos of Alex in action and the fruits of their labour…

Finally, there’s the girls! I’m sure you’re all familiar with our faces as we’re the front of house team. They always brighten up my day and make me smile when I’m disappointed, sad or frustrated at work.

So I’ll finish with some snaps of us all being daft behind the scenes and a video of Anna’s long commute home.

Thanks for reading. Stay home, stay safe, stay sane and keep smiling!

Love Flame x