What’s your favourite bedroom at Thicket Priory?

We adore our bedrooms and the stories that come with them. We certainly do not follow the conventional plan of, rooms 1 to 9, rooms 10 – 17, all located on long straight corridors…when looking for your bedroom you get to explore the labyrinth that is Thicket Priory. Maps can be provided but it is so much more fun without!

We asked the team what their favourite room was…here’s what they said!

Anna’s favourite room is Miss Nicolette’s Room!

With the amazing views of the gardens from both your bedrooms and bathroom it really is so beautiful. I love the free-standing bath in the en-suite bathroom, with a separate shower and even a bookcase filled with classics such as Pride & Prejudice, and Alice in Wonderland! The bedroom has a stunning 4 poster-bed but it feels cozy being a smaller room that the two master bedrooms, our Buckingham and Vavasour Suite. Bliss!

Miss Nicolette was one of the last family members to live in the house, up to the age of 11 year when her father sold the Priory to an order of Carmelite Nuns, who then lived here from 1955, until just over 10 years ago. Nikki Dunnington-Jefferson actually visited us last summer to have afternoon tea in the bandstand with our neighboring nuns and told us stories of being fetched out of the lake by the nanny’s when she accidentally fell it!

Katie’s favourite room is Lady Caroline’s Room.
Where to start with this room, it has to be my favourite simply because of the large window which lets so much natural light through and not to mention the A-MAZING mirror which really does give the best view in the house! You’ll have to stand in front of the mirror to discover its secret!!

Lady Caroline’s Room is located on the Gallery Landing and is occupied by a luxurious king-size bed. The views out the window overlook the picturesque orchard, not to mention the bandstand.

Now for the history and how this room got it’s name. This was the bedroom of Lady Caroline Dunnington Jefferson who was the wife of the late Sir Mervyn Dunnington Jefferson. Caroline is the daughter of John and Janet Bailey of Hillam Hall, Monk Fryston. She now spends most of her time in Norfolk but comes up to Yorkshire frequently to visit her eldest daughter and family who live in Green Hammerton.

Vicky’s pick of the rooms would be Lady Anna’s Room which is located on the South Wing.

I love the colours in the room, they are amazing. I really like how cozy and homely this room feels, from the little fluffy stool to the trinket dishes decide the bed. I just think it all fits perfectly. I really like the bathroom in Lady Anna’s room because of the dim lighting and again the warm cozy feeling. The best this of course if the big roll top bath…and relax!

Lady Anna’s Mervynia Vavasour came to Thicket Priory after previously living at Hazelwood Castle. Only one of Lady Vavasour’s son’s married and had children, Mervyn. He then inherited Thicket Priory, with his son Sir John Dunnington-Jefferson (Miss Nicolette’s father), living here with his family until the 1955 when it was then sold to the Carmelite Sisters.

Sarah’s favourite room is Lady Isobel’s Room… because of the bedroom walls – Zoffany Teal, which is complimented with gold furniture, honestly, it’s just everything about this room! I would love to stay in this room, it is a complete contrast from my contemporary white bedroom at home. Also, the bathroom is pure luxury, and it has a bath! Bring on the bubbles! 😊 See more amazing features via our Pinterest Pages.

Lady Frances Isobel Dunnington Jefferson (Miss Nicolette’s mother), was the wife of Sir John Alexander Dunnington Jefferson. Isobel was born in Dublin in 1911 and died in London in 2009. She was a keen gardener and enjoyed arranging the flowers in the house herself. The Imperial War Museum contains audio reminiscences of her time organising the Land Girls during the Second World War. If this is of interest to you, you can listen by clicking here.

Becca has chosen Uncle Monty’s Room as her favourite room. It is tucked away down a few steps just off the gallery landing, waiting to be discovered. As you enter the room, the evening light through the huge window is such a warm feeling, beautiful countryside views out of the fields with our Mighty Oak standing proud. It is very rare to go a day without seeing the deer springing through the fields.

Uncle Monty’s was the fun uncle of the family who would visit the Dunnington-Jefferson’s after his travels, always bringing gifts for the children, so he was a firm favourite with them!

We also asked everyone working behind the scenes what their favourite rooms were, with a few more rooms moving up the favourite’s list!

Bruce’s favourite is Matthew’s Room for the simplest of reasons that it is closest to the Main Pantry…Tunnocks Teacakes galore!!

Andy’s favourite rooms is The Grace Suite because this is where when the rooms where being refurbished there were small footprints left in the dust, from the children of the house!
Debby loves the Silver Safe room, our bedroom where the bathroom resides in the original safe of the house.

John Metcalfe replied to this question: “Well which room is my favourite. That’s a very difficult one for sure Anna. Knowing the amount of blood sweat and tears involved in getting them to where they are now, I think the most satisfying… installation wise would probably be the silver safe room with the amount of work turning it round. But in reply to your question, my favourite room is Garden Room 1. Why you ask?… it has a great view over the lake, yards to the door into the garden and most importantly of all the closest room to the bar!”

And last but not least Andy Metcalfe: “The Vavasour Suite. I has got the best view off the grounds, the lake and the hydrangeas; sometimes if you’re lucky you get to see the deer in the garden. It’s just such a nice bedroom, accompanied by a beautiful bathroom layout, very spacious!”

If you feel like you need to explore all of our favourite rooms or maybe even find out which is your favourite room, maybe you dive in to our Virtual Tour here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and see some of the finer details of our beautiful bedrooms!

Anna xxx


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