What is a Wedding Celebrant?

One of the most regular questions I am asked when planning at wedding here at Thicket Priory is ‘What is a Celebrant?’…and it is a very important question to ask!

Taken from The UK Society of Celebrants, where they have said it is a simple question with a not so simple answer.

“A Wedding Celebrant; constructs and leads completely personalised weddings, commitment and renewal of vow ceremonies based on the choices and requirements of each couple.”

Why use a Celebrant?

As a venue we find there are two main reasons for using a celebrant; one being that they wish to use the Chapel which is a sanctioned building therefore a Registrar cannot legally host a ceremony in this space for you; and the second is because a couple are looking for something completely bespoke.

The Yorkshire Celebrant explains to us that ‘event element created is made to suit your requirements, from music, poems, readings, songs and most importantly your vows’.

When choosing to use a celebrant in part of the building which is sanctioned, you must then have in addition to this your legal ceremony which 9 times of out 10 will be booking a registrar to attend on the same day to use the Jefferson Room with your chosen witnesses to say the legally binding words which your marriage / civil partnership is entered into one of the registers from the local council.

Where can we have the ceremony with a Celebrant?

Straight forward answer to this is anywhere, from a beach or boat, to a fairground ride or even in your own home! Speaking of in your our home, this is exactly how you’ll feel when you take your vows under our roof….whether that be inside or out!

Choosing the correct place to marry can be something which is ‘dictated’ slightly by your numbers, or more importantly the weather! And as we are in Britain the weather does certainly play a huge role in this. The Priory boasts a beautiful Band Stand which is the perfect way to enjoy an outdoor ceremony.

What is the Difference between an Independent Celebrant and a Humanist Celebrant?

The Independent Celebrant is working independently, giving free reign to included any elements you wish in your ceremonies from singing and dancing, to handfasting and tea drinking ceremonies….which must be Yorkshire Tea of course!!! The Independent Celebrant can also includes all faiths, beliefs, religions and philosophies in your ceremony, as seen as part of Starr Gazing Ceremonies.

The Humanist Celebrant can only offer secular/non-religious ceremonies, based around human nature and experience, that life is established on humanity and reason.

Both Independent and Humanist are very tailored styles of ceremonies, the main difference between being your choice of religious or non-religious.

Favour moment during a Celebrant Ceremony…

I must say that when it comes to celebrant ceremonies hosted in the Chapel it is beautiful to have a mixed of non-religious and religious, with the most perfect moment being the choice of singing ‘Jerusalem’ as part of Daria & Dougie’s wedding back in July 2019. However, nothing made me happier that the decision made by Kate & Tom to risk the showers in August 2019 hosting their wedding outside in the band stand, for their full wedding blog Click Here.

Happy Celebrating Everyone!

Anna x