2020 Trends for Wedding Catering

When it comes to planning a wedding, catering for your guests is one of the most important decision you will have to make. Plus having to deal with a lot of different dietary requirements, can become one of the most complicated parts of organising your big day. Weddings have evolved drastically, and people are moving away from the traditional seated 3-course wedding breakfast and couples are looking for a more relaxed menu, or opting for a creative and visually impressive food stations. But if you are planning to opt for an alternative to a classic three-course sit down wedding breakfast, Please read on as we explore the up and coming 2020 trends for Wedding Breakfast.

Pre-wedding day Rehearsal Dinners

There is a rise in the number of pre-wedding day rehearsal dinners, this is because weddings are becoming more of a multi-day celebration, that means a get-together the night before is likely to happen in the form of the Supper the night before. Couples are planning on taking a venue from the night before so they can wake up there and throw a warmup bash for their nearest and dearest. A common requirement is to organise a meal for 30 or so people the night before, especially for couples who have family and friends travelling a long way. We suggest you choose a rehearsal dinner menu that matches the theme of your wedding, but a selection that does not upstage the future reception, your rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be overwhelming, or expensive. A laid back simple and affordable dinner such as Barbecue is a guaranteed good time. Or choose afternoon tea or hog roast– unique and fun! You can also incorporate vintage crockery, for a vintage theme which is still hugely popular.

Creative Canapes

Whether you’re a passionate foodie, or you want everything on your wedding day to look wonderful, serving amazing canapés is sure to impress your guests plus tickle their taste buds! Canapés are also a brilliant way to fend off guests hunger pangs especially if there is gap between the ceremony and the wedding reception. Couples are having fun by creating their own signature personalised canapés. However, the Great British mini food delights such as mini burgers, fish and chips and tarts, are going to be as popular as ever in 2020.

Wedding Grazing Tables

Grazing tables, buffet tables, or dedicated food stations are designed to encourage guests to come back for more, and the abundance of food on show creates a talking point because it encourages your nearest and dearest to be super-sociable. So it’s understandable why couples are going to choose more informal eating arrangements in 2020. There’s nothing better than watching guests digging in and talking about the food so choose anything from speciality cheeses, cured meats and antipasti to dips, bread, crackers and chutney, dried fruit and nuts – the possibilities are endless but keep it colourful, grazing should be different to the beige buffets that we are used to seeing. The most impressive tables should be creative and heavily laden and adorned with props and foliage or flowers.

Working with the caterers is a fantastic opportunity to create the real “wow” factor, and BabaG will happily go on that extra mile to our couples personal stamp on their wedding day menu.

Bowl Foods

Its rise in popularity from its royal-wedding-menu status (thanks to Harry and Meghan’s 2018 nuptials), is down to flexibility. People always want to try something different, and with so many dietary needs to cater for, this style of eating allows guests to choose what works for them. The rapid growth in vegetarian and veganism, especially in the millennial generation, has led to an increase in such foods being served at weddings. Even couples who aren’t themselves vegans are more empathetic than ever before, and they are keen to cater for guests with all dietary requests. Plus, as more couples look to minimise waste, allowing guests to choose will help with this. Bowl food now means lighter, healthier dishes, like sushi and burrito bowls, are appearing as one of 2020’s top wedding food trends.

Quirky Desserts

Looking to put a twist on your dessert display, treat younger guests to cute milkshakes with doughnuts looped onto paper straws, or create your own ‘garden’ with edible layers. 2020’s wedding food trends offer scope to experiment with savoury bites, too, including stuffed taco cones and arancini or lamb fritter lollipops. Go wild!

Street food vans

If you’re going for a more relaxed vibe, serve up burgers, pizza or even pies and book your favourite food truck to dish up good eats to your dining quests and invite guests to help themselves.

Love Always

Sarah x