Top 10 Photo Locations at Thicket Priory

Thicket Priory is full of amazing spaces that provide the perfect backdrop to all your pictures, come rain or shine we have many options for you to choose from! The perfect photo opportunity is always just around the corner, and your photographer will make sure to capture all of them on your special day. I have chosen some of my favourite, and unsurprisingly most popular, photo locations to give you an insight into our magical venue.

1. The Entrance
What better place to start than at the entrance to our venue? With the stunning building as a backdrop and a feature from our Land Rover Defender if requested, the front door and drive makes the perfect place for those post-ceremony shots with either just the two of you or with friends and family (furry friends also included!).

2. The Grand Staircase
At the heart and centre of the building sits our grand staircase, and as you can see it is incredible for many different shots, from your initial walk down to your ceremony to drinks later in the day. For the warmer months, flowers are the perfect addition; for the colder months, winter garlands and candles create the perfect cosy atmosphere. One of the most popular current trends is *the* glam ‘Hollywood picture’, which makes for the perfect evening photo prior to losing you to the dance floor!

3. The Ballroom & The Morning Room
The Ballroom is our most used space during your wedding, from the Morning Room (if this is your chosen ceremony space), to your Wedding Breakfast and then onto your evening celebrations. The Morning Room is the perfect space to make your own during your wedding – if you have any unique or crazy ideas feel free to bring these to life in here! We have seen photobooths, ping pong tables, and even vintage arcade games. The Ballroom is the ideal blank canvas for you to dress to your personal style, whether you are going for a neutral or colourful aesthetic, every style suits this space.

4. The Chapel
If choosing a Celebrant-led ceremony, our on-site Chapel, with its rich history and warm light, is an ideal space for you to say ‘I Do’. The beautiful stained-glass windows provide the perfect backdrop no matter what the season; your celebrant can create a unique and bespoke ceremony completely personalised for you as a couple, making your wedding completely your own.

5. The Buckingham Suite & The Vavasour Suite
The Buckingham and Vavasour Suite are perfect not only for those getting-ready moments, but also provide great backdrops for morning drinks with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, pre-ceremony shots and those all-important first looks!

6. The Bandstand
Whether used for an outdoor ceremony space or just your post-ceremony pictures, the bandstand is a wonderful feature of our gardens and even looks amazing at night! For your dreamy winter evening pictures, this is one of our favourite spots – don’t let the cold weather deter you from getting those outside shots!

7. The Bridges
Even though being surrounded by your closest friends and family is the perfect way to spend your wedding day, we recommend taking a moment for yourselves at some time during the day. Taking a walk around the grounds is the perfect place to do this, and your photographer will even be able to capture some lovely candid shots on our three bridges whilst you spend some time alone together.

8. The Bar
Not only just a place to get a drink, the bar is also used for buttonholes, and in the festive season it is where you’ll be meeting under the mistletoe! For night prior entertainment, it is a great space for games or pub quizzes; during the wedding day evening celebrations, it is the place to have a quick catch up before swiftly heading back for a boogie on the dancefloor with everyone!

9. The Terrace
For those posed shots or candid moments, the terrace is the perfect place for confetti throws, reception drinks and garden games. In the summer months, you can enjoy Pimm’s and Aperol while playing croquet; for the winter months, surrounded by festoon lighting, you can toast marshmallows over the firepit and enjoy the ultimate cosy moment with your friends and family. No matter the season, sparklers is not only an extremely fun way to get everyone together, but also creates the perfect moment for your photographer to capture!

10. The Lake
The lake is a photographer’s dream with its reflections and picturesque backdrop, and during your stroll around the lake and grounds after your ceremony for these all-important pictures you will find some special features of Thicket Priory. The swing, bandstand and boathouse are all great places to take your romantic couple shots, and you may even discover where the fairies live if you look close enough!

We have very limited dates left for 2024 and only one weekend left for the Summer season which is Saturday 13th July 2024; if you are dreaming of having your own unique fairytale wedding at Thicket Priory please get in touch HERE.
With love,
Lil xXx

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