Top 10 Favourite Favours to Have at Your Wedding

Favours have become something that you expect to see at every wedding, and while some believe this is a modern tradition, it in fact began centuries ago. It is a token of appreciation from you as a bride and groom, a way of thanking your friends and family for everything – it can also sometimes be a memorable keepsake for your guests too.

Here at Thicket Priory, we have seen a vast range of different favours – most commonly these are little bottles of gin or a personalised biscuit – however, we have also seen some more unique ones that have been sentimental to the couple. It’s also a great way to tie things in with your chosen décor, the time of year, or even to add an extra element of fun to your wedding day!

1. To Drink
Unsurprisingly the most popular favour seen here at Thicket Priory is the boozy kind! Couples tend to have a little glass bottle or jar at each place setting on the tables so that during the Wedding Breakfast they can either make a toast and have everyone take a shot, or guests can take it with them for later. These kinds of favour are a crowd pleaser and tend to go down well with guests – because who doesn’t love a free shot?!

2. To Eat
Second to the alcoholic favours is the sweet treats! Ranging from biscuits and cookies to sweets and chocolate – these are all great choices as your guests can just have them there and then at the table; if your wedding is going to have a lot of little ones this is also a perfect idea to have them be included in the tradition!

3. To Plant
Although not a very popular one – we first saw this idea just earlier in the year for Lisa and Leon’s wedding in June – it is a perfect idea if you’re wanting eco-friendly place names. The name cards are biodegradable and contain seeds so you can go home and plant them, giving you a lovely way to remember the special occasion.

4. To (Hopefully!) Win
Another crowd pleaser to have for everyone is a lottery ticket – whether your guests win anything or not it’s a great way to kick off your Wedding Breakfast!

5. To Donate
Often couples choose to donate to a charity in lieu of favours, which is not only an incredibly nice gesture but often means they get to support charities close to their hearts and give back to those that have helped either themselves or their family members and loved ones in the past.

6. To Take Home
A great way of giving a token of your wedding to your family and friends is to have favours that they can take home – these are often handmade specially for the occasion. We have seen many different things, including the crocheted pumpkins we had at Esther and John’s wedding in August, and the decorative place names we have seen at multiple weddings – including Lauren and Danny’s in July.

7. To Use
Whether it’s for decorative purposes or practical ones, favours that your guests will be able to use in the future are a good idea as they are not only useful, but a great keepsake for them to remember your big day by! At Thicket Priory we have seen handmade candles and personalised shot glasses – all perfect ways to give a small gift to your loved ones.

8. To Be of Sentiment
There are many ways to personalise your wedding to suit you, and if you want to give your guests something sentimental and meaningful to you as a couple, the favours are a great way to do this. At Lauren and Tom’s wedding in May 2022, they had corks from places they’d been together as holders for the name cards – we even saved the one from their wedding day for them to take home! We also saw drawings from Charlotte’s Year 2 class at her and Dan’s wedding in December 2022, which were so sweet and definitely made everyone smile!

9. To Celebrate the Season
If you’re having a wedding during a particular time of the year, whether it be Christmas or other holidays, favours that celebrate the season are a good idea and can be used to tie things in with your chosen theme or décor. For example, Claire and Steve had a very festive December wedding, and chose to have little decorative acorns as holders for everyone’s place names, which matched the décor so well and made the tables look extra festive!

10. To Wear
How could I not include *the* infamous sunglasses that have been one of the major highlights of the 2023 wedding season? Most featured in Chloe and Ollies wedding in April, the heart sunnies have been extremely popular throughout this year, especially as an addition to the evening reception – just look how great the photos turn out!

It has been fun to look back on what favours we’ve seen here over the years; they might even give you some inspiration if you’re currently planning your wedding and need some ideas on what to choose. If you need any more help – remember to consider your theme and what most of your guests would enjoy; it doesn’t need to be something extravagant!

If looking through these pictures has made you want to have your own unique dream wedding at Thicket Priory, please do get in touch HERE; we do have some dates left for 2024 and 2025.

With love,
Lil xXx

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