The Wedding Morning …what to expect!

Yay it’s your wedding morning! The day you’ve been planning for and dreaming of is finally here!

There’s a knock on the door – it’s your makeup artist / hair stylist (MUA) arriving.

Twenty minutes later a table has been found near to a window and a plug socket. The kit’s been unpacked and your MUA is ready to go.

First job is to check the running order and see who is ready for being worked on. It’s really common for MUA’s to arrive and find no one is awake or ready for hair and makeup, but it’s something that can have a dramatic knock on effect on getting everyone ready by the deadline. I plan my wedding prep like a military operation and even starting 20 minutes late can mean the difference between a relaxed prep or a very fraught morning.

Next up setting the brides hair. Once done the bride is free to wander until she is called back for makeup and hair finishing. During this time she might need to pack her bag if changing rooms or sort out any little jobs.

I always check who will be dressing the bride or who needs to be somewhere earlier than the rest and fit these ladies in first as once they are ready they are then free to help with any little jobs and are available when needed.

The bride’s hair and makeup will take approximately 2 hours to complete with each bridal party member taking an hour per person for hair and makeup (times will vary from MUA to MUA depending on how they work). Something to remember when choosing the number of bridesmaids or your service time. An 11am service will mean a very early start!

About three quarters of the way through the morning, I go back to my bride and start makeup; then finish styling her hair. This is also when your photographer may arrive. My bride then has time to brush her teeth, use the loo, change underwear, perfume, put on jewelry etc.

Whilst I’m working on my bride, the flowers will arrive.

I finish my last client and then while the bride is put THE dress on I move onto the flower girls. These little cuties have their hair curled right at the very end of the prep so there is little chance for them to pull the hairstyle out before the service.

Whilst everyone is dressing and I’m preparing for finishing touches and adding in the bride’s veil, the button holes and corsages should be handed out and the stems on bouquets dried.

The car arrives. By now everyone will be in their dresses. The photographer may be taking some group shots, capturing Dad seeing his little girl for the first time in her wedding dress…tissues at the ready!

The photographer departs. There’s then time for one final check or touch up, and everyone gets into cars ready to leave…if getting married at the Church, however is you’re marrying at Thicket Priory in the stunning Chapel or Ballroom, you’ll not have far to go!

12pm Phew! the end of a busy morning for me and the start of an amazing day for you!

That’s how things worked in a pre-covid world.

Each MUA will work in their own individual way to keep you, your bridal party and themselves safe. They will have to add extra hygiene practices which may impact on timings, as well as the general feel of a wedding morning, however keeping things just as magical for you and your entourage. If you have any questions about your wedding morning, please speak with your MUA about what arrangements they have made.

Here’s to celebrating weddings again!

Natalie x


Styling – Laura, Hana and Farheen from Ambience York/UK

Photographer – Jane from Jane Beadnell Photography

Videographer – Craig and Charlotte from Hello There Films

Bridal gowns/model – Victoria from Victoria Robson Bridal

Cake – Kean and Stephen from Blossom Tree Cake Company

Stationery – Jane from Jane Beadnell Creatives

MUA/Hair stylist – Natalie Willingham

Florist – Laura from Mint and Moose

Table linen, cutlery, glassware and some small food platters – Ashley from Baba Ganoush