5 Reasons to book a midweek wedding

Hello midweek weddings!!

It would seem the norm is to have your wedding on a weekend, but it is now becoming a lot more popular to host them midweek.

Having a midweek wedding may not have been something that you have considered, but there are some benefits,

Here are 5 reasons to choose a mid-week wedding over a weekend…

Saves money.

Venue costs are often one of the most expensive outlays when planning your wedding. With weekends being particularly more expensive, especially in the peak season. Your dream venue maybe more affordable midweek, as often they will offer a discounted rate.

Saves your guests Money.

Ok your guest may need to take some time off work, but what a nice excuse to spend time with your friends and family celebrating. Travelling will be quieter, and cheaper. Accommodation will be priced at a more reasonable rate.

Greater Availability of your Dream Venue

Desirable venues are frequently booked up well in advance, some as far as 2/3years. (with the increase in price each year) Having a midweek wedding means you are more likely to be able to marry at your dream venue at your chosen date, Saving you those extra pennies.

A more intimate wedding

Having a smaller wedding with close friends may be what you want. It is more likely that they will feel it worthwhile taking the time off work to celebrate with you.

Better availability from suppliers

Suppliers, (Caterers, Photographers, Bands, DJs and entertainers) can be less pressed for time and only have one wedding rather than several in a day, it is also more likely they will be running more competitively priced promotions.

Becca x