Rainbow Blog: Violet

Violet is the final colour in the rainbow and has the shortest wavelength of visible life before becoming Ultra-Violet light. Did you know that goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light?? How on earth did they discover that and why??

Photo by Dobromir Hristov from Pexels

White light from the sun splits into a rainbow because it is refracted through raindrops, or a prism as above, spreading the wavelengths apart so that we can see them as colours. The bandwidth that we humans perceive as violet is relatively small and so when we see rainbows with a strong purple streak it’s actually where there is a very faint double rainbow. The red of the secondary rainbow overlaps with the blue and violet of the primary rainbow making purple. This is caused by interference in the raindrops and is an example of additive colour mixing, as a light engineer in theatre might use. The smaller the raindrops, the more interference and the more likely you are to see a double rainbow or supernumerary rainbows.

Enough home schooling!! Let’s get back to purple (but feel free to drop supernumerary into your next conversation to feel ultra-clever).

With so many wonderful shades of purple to choose from, it can be used as a colour scheme for your wedding at any time of year.

These dusky lilac bridesmaids’ dresses and lilac with dusty pink bridal bouquets, as captured by Roth Reed Photography, are a gentle way to incorporate purple into your wedding.

thicket priory york

Ask your florist about flowers that bloom in different shades of purple – you might want your bridal bouquet to be subtle, but you can make the colour pop around your venue with flowers or purple plants that might not be easily incorporated into a bouquet. These arrangements are by Fleur Adamo for our Wedding Planners Event last year.

If your venue has any colours already – highlight them! Here at Thicket Priory we have revel in colour and have shades of purple from pastel to jewel from bedrooms to bar and in between…

Even though we’re in lockdown you can still see inside Thicket Priory – have a look at our 3D tour!
Then there’s purple lighting – a recent addition to Thicket Priory’s kit of goodies are a set of uplighters! Purple light is a fabulous choice because it’s flattering and happy! The first couple to enjoy our uplighters were Georgina and James and check out these photos!

And there’s always the beautiful sunsets we get here at Thicket Priory in the midst of a North Yorkshire Nature Reserve.

So, on that note, we’ll leave you here. Like the violet bandwidth it’s short but sweet.

But from the whole team here at Thicket Priory….

From left to right we’ve got Anna, Becca, Bruce, Sarah and myself, Flame. Together we make up the dream team and I cannot wait to be back in force! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for when we’re all back together.

Love Flame x

Photography by
Carla Whittingham Photography
Elsie Love Photography
Tom Scott Photography
Roth Read Photography