Popular Questions for Couples to ask their Wedding Planners

We asked a few of our Wedding Planner Friends some of the questions which our couples may want to ask them in the process of booking them. Here’s a little insight into some of the answer they had for us.

A lovely introduction to the role of a wedding planner came from Sue White at the White Wedding Company.
“As a wedding planner we guide you calmly and expertly through a bewildering array of choices, helping you with all the logistical and creative aspects throughout, culminating in being with you on the day to make sure you and your family enjoy every minute, stress free. I should also stress, I work very closely with your venue (in this case Anna!) throughout and it is a team effort with all your suppliers to deliver a perfect day.”

1.How many weddings have you planned?
“I started planning weddings in 2003….I have now planned over 750 weddings plus over 300 private events too!”
– Lucy Wright Events

2. How many clients do you take on per year and per month?
“As we primarily provide a full or partial plan service to our clients, it is really important to us that we have the time to provide an exceptional level of service, for that reason we limit the number of weddings we take on each year, it varies from year to year though depending on when people require our services, but usually between 8 and 10 a year. Per month I wouldn’t like to do more than 2 if I can help it and ideally with at least a week in between. “
– Andrea Swift at Fabulous Together

(I love the beginning of this answer…I would feel the same!)
3.Who are your preferred vendors?
“Now telling you that Anna, would be like giving away our the secrets of our little black book ! We work with a number of different suppliers who suit different budgets and styles, we prefer to find out what a client wants and then match handpicked suppliers to them, giving them a short list to select from unless we know a stand out supplier who more than fulfils their brief. Of course we also have to consider suppliers availability as well.”
– Andrea Swift at Fabulous Together

4. What is your fee?
“Fees are based on each individual wedding and are priced accordingly. The fee is fixed, with no commissions and as a guideline is approx. 10% of a client’s wedding budget.”
– Sue at White Wedding Company

5.Do you work alone or with a team?
“I have a great team of event managers but typically I work alone as this ensures the continuity of my support through the entire planning process.”
– Lucy Wright Events

6.Will you attend wedding related events?
“Mine is a very personal service and attendance at meetings with the venue and all suppliers is all part of the planning process. I give guidance at all stages but my clients are always the key decision makers.”
– Joy at Unique Weddings & Events

7. Can you help us stay on budget?
“Yes I can help you stay on budget and would never recommend a supplier I know was out of your budget. I prefer to look at the budget overall and decide with you what your priorities are and which you may want to spend the most on, and then what things are not so important and can either be cut ,or you decide on a less expensive option for some things. I try to reassure couples that they don’t have to have everything they see on Instagram and it’s not a competition – their day should be individual to them and throwing everything at it and going over the budget does not mean it will be anymore special!”
– Sue at White Wedding Company

8.How do you communicate with your clients?
“By offering a personalised service I communicate with them in whatever way suits them. I don’t have any rules about the amount of time I offer each client either. I have many clients living abroad who are marrying in the UK so I also work around many time-zones when planning”
– Joy at Unique Weddings & Events

9. What happens in case of an emergency?
“This depends on the emergency – but i always have plan B and plan C up my sleeve – which only comes with experience! My bespoke timeline created for each couple covers all emergency contacts and procedures, just incase I am the emergency and am unable to attend the wedding – my risk management processes are second to none!”
– Lucy Wright Events

10.Can I take a look at your contract?
“Oh yes we always share a copy of our T & C’s with couples before booking, we ask them to return a signed copy to us before we commence work.”
– Andrea at Fabulous Together

Let’s put faces to the names of these wonderful planners! Thanks again ladies for sharing details which I’m sure will be very helpful to our current and future couples!

Sue White

Lucy Wright

Sue & Lucy at the Luxury Wedding Planners Event hosted at Thicket Priory

Andrea Swift (Left) with Business Partner Debbie (Right)

Joy Unique Weddings & Events