LS Cakery’s 5 Top Tips on Choosing a Wedding Cake

Hi everyone! We totally understand that choosing a wedding cake is a HUGE decision to make, especially since there’s so many fabulous designers out there, so many flavours to choose from and so much ‘cakespiration’ on Pinterest!

Hopefully our top 5 tips below will really help you when it comes to choosing your wedding cake:

Number One: Think about your design.

This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s SO important to have a rough idea in mind before contacting any wedding cake designers. Online and in magazines you have access to endless photos of wedding cakes, so whether you would prefer a woodland themed naked cake, a traditional 3-tier or a cake to match your wedding day colour scheme, having a rough idea in mind will really help your chosen cake designer put together an accurate quote and draw up potential design ideas.

Number Two: Start as early as you can.
Generally speaking, wedding suppliers are busy the majority of the year, including cake designers, so as soon as you’ve got a date confirmed with your venue there’s no harm in getting the ball rolling and reaching out to potential cake designers. By giving yourself plenty of time, it means you’re not making any rushed decisions, you can shop around, tweak the design or theme and save money for your cake. Most designers will take a deposit to secure the date and the rest is payable a little close to the time, so by doing this it also spreads the cost a little bit.

Number Three: Be honest about your budget.

Almost every couple work towards a specific budget for different elements of their wedding, including their cake. So don’t be afraid to speak up and say what you’re prepared to pay, most wedding cake designers are happy to put a quote together to fit within your budget, if they’re not then you should probably look for another designer! At LS Cakery we fully understand that your wedding day is one of the most amazing and important days in your life, so if we can be a part of that by working with you to create a cake which fits within your budget, we’re more than happy to do so!

Number Four: Meet your wedding cake designer and taste their cakes.

It’s all well and good having an attractive website or Instagram page, however it is SO important to meet your wedding cake designer and taste their cakes if you can. Many cake designers, like us here at LS Cakery, will be more than happy to arrange a ‘cakesultation’ and catch up with you both over some delicious cake samples and coffee (or Prosecco!). This enables you to experience what your wedding cake will taste like and also gives you the opportunity to get to know the person who you’ll be liaising with for the months to come!

If you live too far away, feel free to request a sample box to be posted to you, that way you can still taste the cakes!

We’re big believers in the saying ‘people buy people’, so having a great relationship with your cake designer can make the wedding planning so much easier and you can bounce ideas off each other and create the most amazing cake together. If you don’t particular like your wedding cake designer, it could end up being a bit of a chore speaking with them, which isn’t what wedding planning should be about – it should be fun and exciting! So don’t be afraid to say no and go with another company! (P.S this is great advise for when it comes to any wedding supplier!)

Number Five: Be fearless with flavours!

There are SO many amazing flavours out there, so it is hard to narrow it down sometimes! What we always tell our couples here at LS Cakery is that you can have more than one flavour in your wedding cake – which most couples are really surprised at! If you prefer chocolate sponge and your partner prefers red velvet, that’s absolutely fine as we can do different flavours in each tier!

Another thing we tell our couples is to try not to people please… we say this because at every wedding there’s going to be an undercover cake critic or a person who likes to find fault with everything, but don’t let that dictate what flavours you should go with! This is your wedding day so have the flavours that you want!

We hope these five tips help you when it comes to choosing your wedding cake, if you would like to chat to us we’re always happy to help at LS Cakery!