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Orange – We all know it’s the new black and it doesn’t rhyme with anything. But did you know that it’s one of the last colours to be introduced to the English language, hence redhead, goldfish, red hot… they’re all orange but we didn’t have a word for it when these phrases were coined. It’s also the colour of autumn leaves making it the perfect colour scheme for a fall wedding.

And what better way to incorporate orange into an autumn wedding than pumpkins!

colour orange for a wedding

Our November couple, Rachel & Kyle showcasing their pumpkins

A pile of pumpkins makes a great impact – it’s an easy and inexpensive welcome feature for your guests, as shown here at our Wedding Planners Experience back in October. Photo courtesy of Carla Whittingham.

Put the pumpkins everywhere! There’s a wonderful variety of colours, from white ghost pumpkins, to the classic orange, to wonderful shades of green with stripes and speckles in between. Use a range of sizes to create interest and variety then team with lustrous gold accessories and flowers in orange and red with pops of contrasting colours like the stunning purple lisianthus used by Fleur Adamo in the pumpkin arrangements, top right. Photos courtesy of Melissa of Elsie Love Photography for BLoved Blog.

colour orange for a wedding

For a glamourous, luxury wedding, spray paint some pumpkins in gold, bronze, copper or rose gold for the added wow factor.

Candles showcase the gold perfectly as the candlelight dances over the intricacies of the pumpkin skins. Arrange at the head and bottom of banquet-style dining tables for a truly magical autumnal dining experience as seen above. Greenery spotted with roses, orange candles and the gorgeous gold cutlery and crockery add extra glamour. Styling courtesy of Ambience York and photos courtesy of Carla Whittingham. The acrylic place settings were such a wonderful touch, we all kept them!

colour orange for a wedding

Let’s keep with the dining experience, shall we? If orange is your chosen colour scheme for an autumn wedding, then there’s an endless supply of food available!

colour orange for a wedding

colour orange for a wedding

These individual dishes by Baba Ganoush Dining, photos courtesy of Gareth Buddo, are bang on colour scheme! Beetroot cured trout (above) makes a delectable starter and a deconstructed crème brûlée (top) with a showstopping crispy caramel top is a stunning dessert.

It must be said, no one does a sharing platter wedding breakfast quite like Baba Ganoush Dining. The spread pictured above was just perfect for the ghd product launch back in November, and they NAILED IT! Dried apricots, heritage tomatoes, butternut squash, golden quiches and halved oranges all make for a sumptuous autumnal feast. Again, use mini pumpkins for decoration – you can’t go wrong, and you can eat them all after the wedding – winning!

colour orange for a wedding

Let’s leave the pumpkins alone for a minute, you got the message (use them everywhere… everywhere!) and talk about other ways to incorporate orange into your wedding colour scheme. Maybe you want orange but haven’t booked a fall wedding? Maybe you hate pumpkins? Let’s look at other options. Disclaimer – pumpkins may appear again, but I can’t help it, they’re my favourite thing about autumn.

Roses come in stunning shades of orange and are perfect focal points for buttonholes and pew ends if you chose a wedding venue with a chapel (like Thicket Priory). Photos courtesy of Roth Read Photography.

Chinese lanterns, peppers and berries all come in gorgeous oranges and can be used for window displays (excuse the pumpkin), arrangements on stairs and on wreaths.

This spectacular arrangement was captured by Vivienne Edge Photography and show that you can do orange with not a pumpkin in sight!

colour orange for a wedding

colour orange for a wedding

This dusty orange bridal bouquet demonstrates that orange doesn’t have to bright, it can be a delicate colour scheme for a spring or summer wedding, courtesy of Your Fabulous Wedding.

And finally, here’s our favourite orange bedroom. If you’re looking for a luxury wedding venue with accommodation, it should at least match the colour scheme!

This is Theodosia’s room, located on the South Wing and the burnt orange is glorious in the afternoon sun. We named this room after Theodosia who was a nun in the 14th Century and she must have been a very naughty nun!

She was ordered by Archbishop Zouch to be punished harshly for leaving the house frequently and laying aside her habit whilst speaking to men. Hers were some of the harshest punishments on record as her bad behaviour continued.

She was not allowed to wear the black veil, speak with secular persons or fellow nuns; write or receive letters and had to worship and eat separately to the rest of the community. She was only allowed to eat bread and vegetables and could only drink ale on Wednesdays and Friday (so she essentially had veganism and responsible drinking imposed on her, poor thing). She sounded like great fun though, so we named a room in her honour. R.I.P. Theodosia!

Thanks for reading. Stay home, stay safe, stay sane.

Love Flame x

Photography by

Carla Whittingham Photography

Vivienne Edge Photography

Elsie Love Photography

Lester Studios