‘Can we move in to Thicket Priory please?’

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“Imagine this: take the grandness of a stately home, subtract the stuffiness and somehow mash that up with the cosiness of a cottage . . . you can’t??

Well maybe that’s because you haven’t visited Thicket Priory yet. Sound like the ideal wedding venue? What could make it better? Exclusive use for a few days? Check. Set on a nature reserve? Check. Has own Orchard? Check.

Read on to see what we found when we had the chance to stay over at this gem of a venue in October last year.

Autumn 2019 Suppliers Evening

Winter Wonderland 2019 Suppliers Evening

I am Charlotte, one half of Hello There Films, the other half of Hello There Films is Craig and we are wedding videographers. Thicket Priory was on our hit list of places to shoot at and it certainly didn’t disappoint . . .

Love Conquers All!

As you go up the driveway you can’t help but imagine to yourself – what kind of characters would live in a grand place like this. The first time I experienced the sweeping driveway (Craig had visited previously) it was dark & misty, which only added to the anticipation of what was to come. We pulled up to a building that was not what I was expecting at all! Instead of an imposing & impossibly regal structure we were met with an inviting & approachable L-shaped façade that I could tell immediately that this was an extremely camera friendly place!


We hadn’t even ventured inside yet and I could feel myself falling in love! The fairy lights in the trees, the soft glow coming from inside and the huge double doors that beg to be opened all help to somehow create a feeling of cosiness & grandeur at the same time.

But the magic truly begins once you step in! Upon arrival you are greeted with a table full of luggage tags with keys attached to them. If this was your wedding venue you and each of your guests get to find your names attached to your room keys. At this point I can imagine the excitement that’s been building up for everyone to find their rooms – I’m basing this entirely on my own excitement at this stage because we were lucky enough to be able to stay here overnight and having a key with Hello There Films written on it – going off to find the room felt like the best kind of adventure.

We stayed in one of the garden rooms which look out to the Orchard or the lake. The garden rooms are the most modern of bedrooms at Thicket Priory, the wing having been built in the 1970s and are all accessible being on the ground floor. They have wet rooms TO DIE FOR *immediately scours Pinterest for the tiles*

All of the rooms at Thicket Priory are individually decorated and have their own quirks and personality – the attention to detail is outstanding and to be honest I could have stayed in each room absorbing every teeny thing in it, but apparently there was work to do!

Craig & I made our way methodically through the entirety of Thicket Priory soaking in as much detail as we possibly could with our cameras. We were like kids in a sweet shop.

Everywhere you look there are delights to feast your eyes on. A highlight for me in particular is the sewing room – a small little nook of a room, bigger than a cupboard, but *just* small enough to feel like you’re in a secret den. Inside is a beautiful array of threads, ribbons & buttons (think your favourite haberdashery only in miniature size) just in case anyone’s outfit needs a quick repair job or your hat hasn’t got the right level of pizzazz! There will always be an auntie who is a dab hand at this kind of thing – this is most likely where you’ll find her.

Congratulations you are now Husband & Wife! 

One of our other highlights of Thicket Priory are the pantries. Instead of tea & coffee making facilities in each room there are beautiful pantries on each floor. This really adds to the whole community feeling of the place and emphasises the feeling of a home away from home. When we’re filming weddings at Thicket Priory next year we can’t wait to get some footage of someone on the tea run; with quirky tea cups, a delicious choice of teas & good biscuits (there are always good biscuits!) – it’s going to look fantastic on camera!

Once our work upstairs was done we had a well deserved sit-down in the Gryffin Bar. The fire was on, the seats are comfy and everywhere there is something interesting to look at, not to mention the view across the lake *SWOON*.

This is where we found out a very important detail – all of the doors are unlocked. You are basically free to roam about as you please. This made us feel even more at home, if this was even possible at this stage!

Our work was pretty much done so it was time to grab our bags from our room and start to make tracks – to say we couldn’t tear ourselves away is an understatement! I’m not sure I have the words to describe how much everyone who goes in doesn’t want to leave. That’s in part down to the beauty of the building itself and the history that it holds, but it is hugely because of the absolute dream team that are the staff there. Anna, Becca, Flame, Sarah & everyone else that we have crossed paths are the secret weapon that Thicket Priory possesses.

Waiting for Dad!


In summary: if you want a wedding venue that is more than a venue, that as soon as you put a foot through the door it immediately feels like home (or at least a very rich friend’s home – think Tom from Four Weddings and a Funeral) where you and your guests can roam free immersed in absolutely glorious surroundings – look no further than Thicket Priory xxx

Special Moments! Mr & Mrs Wheatley Est. 14th October 2020

P.S. Can we live there please??”

Charlotte & Craig
Hello There Films

We thought it would be rude not to share some photos from the other side of the camera, so we’ve dug out a few so you can see them hard at work…or in Craig’s case on the last wedding, having a little boogie! – Anna