A closing note for 2023…

A closing note for 2023, something which has become some what of a traditional from Anna, an end of year poem!

2023 has come and gone,
More memories made together,
Newlyweds have drank and danced,
True bonds made forever!

9,000 pints of beer were swigged,
2,000 shots knocked back,
Delicious meals from dawn til dust,
Of this we did not lack!

The team of elves within these walls,
Have worked here all year round,
Delivering perfection day to day,
From the roof down to the ground!

Over 1,300 beds were made,
Soft white sheets for them all,
To give our guests a cosy stay,
Through Spring until the Fall.

Each guest was greeted with a smile,
Pantries stocked with Yorkshire Tea,
The stories here for us to tell,
Are perfect with a biscuit or three!

We welcomed in our new arrival,
From a golden egg he did hatch,
To join the magic of our fairy world,
No other venue can match!

We end the year with heads held high,
Happy couples all year through,
5 star ratings with such kind words,
We’re the best at what we do!!

To be proud of what we have achieved,
As a close knit family,
Is the understatement of the year,
So thank you all from me!

We cannot wait to see all of our wonderful 2024 couples for their celebrations; the team are so excited for yet another exciting year of new trends, traditions and well managed frivolities!

Love Anna xXx

Published 5th January 2024