7 benefits of choosing a mid-week wedding!

When considering whether to get married on a weekend or midweek there are a few things for you to think about. We’d like to give you a few tips about why a midweek wedding might be the perfect fit for your celebrations.
Having hosted midweek weddings in every season of the year we can share some wedding inspiration to help in making your decision.

1. Availability of your favourite venue…Thicket Priory specifically, and suppliers!
It goes without saying that if you were to look at a midweek date, you will be faced with more availability that that of weekends. Here at Thicket Priory we host midweek weddings on Tuesdays or Wednesdays; this is to ensure true exclusivity by not having a check-out/check-in on the same day. We want you to feel like you are the only people to have been to Thicket Priory when you are hear celebrating your wedding.

2. Cost, midweek is often cheaper.
As there is a little less demand for a midweek date, you will often find that not only your venue, but your suppliers may have slightly lower rates. For example here at Thicket Priory the difference between a two day/night celebration on a weekend in April and a midweek is £6,000, so essentially for a midweek date you get two nights for the price of one on a weekend!

Check out the prices for yourself HERE.

3. Less likely to clash with one of your wedding party being busy!
Often when you reach a certain age you’ll find that weddings come in abundance! Only yesterday I was with a couple who said they attended 6 weddings in 2023 because all their friends were getting married! That’s 6 outfits, 6 gifts and 6 potential trips away! It is more likely that most of these weddings fell on weekends so if you were to choose a midweek date you are definitely less likely to clash with a friend’s wedding or just as importantly the numerous hen and stag dos that also need to go in the diary!

4. Make a holiday of it!
Choosing a midweek date, especially at a destination venue, such as Thicket Priory can feel like a holiday, so choosing to get married on a Wednesday could be a great excuse for your friends and family to pop a few days holiday in and enjoy an escape to the countryside, tagging on the weekend to then enjoy the sights and culture of the beautiful city of York!

5. Traffic, travel and local accommodation.
Weekend traffic nowadays can be the thing of nightmares… you so have to set off earlier no matter where you are going! Solution to your ‘stuck in traffic’ woes…chose a midweek wedding date when there are less people on the roads! There are also less people on the trains and less people booking local accommodation if you haven’t been lucky enough to be allocated a room under the Thicket Priory roof!

6. School holidays for anyone who is a teacher!
Planning your wedding date can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have guests working in a range of industries, from hospitality and law, to dentistry and teaching! Everyone has different schedules and availability! Midweek during the summer holidays can often be a great way to ensure any teachers amongst your guests are able to attend as they’ll be off school!

7. You can follow your wedding with a weekend of ‘after party’ celebrations…
If there is one thing that we hear more and more often it is the desire the make the wedding celebrations last longer than a day or two! Planning a midweek wedding can be the perfect way to do this! Many of our couples have followed up their Thicket Priory midweek celebrations with a weekend of ‘after-parties’ at home or on a mini-moon with friends in parts of the UK! Sounds like bliss to me!!

If this isn’t reason enough for you to even consider a midweek wedding, maybe a few inspirational images and thoughts from some of our gorgeous midweek wedding couples will be. Enjoy!

Gina & Matt – February 2023

“Best decision we ever made was picking Thicket Priory as our wedding venue! The staff, the venue and the day was absolutely out of this world and everything we could have dreamed for! Anna, our wedding coordinator was just amazing, she was there through the entire process from the initial booking to the morning we left helping and guiding along the way, thank you so much for all you did!
We couldn’t recommend this venue more if we tried! Wish we could do it all again, best day ever!!! Xx”

Natalie & Lee – June 2022

“A beautiful hidden gem of a venue! We have had the most fantastic few days celebrating in the sunshine. The team have been so warm and welcoming, and the two days have ran seamlessly! Thank you!”

“What an amazing venue. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting on such a beautiful day to celebrate the wedding of my daughter Natalie to my son-in-law Lee. Thank you for making everything so fabulous! Lots of love and thanks to all, Gary xxx”

Lisa & Leon – June 2023

“We were blown away when we first visited Thicket Priory- it was an absolute fairy tale castle with incredible character and lovely details- each room was gorgeous and the team were incredible at making our planning process and wedding day superb! Could not recommend them enough!”

Lydia & Dan – July 2022

“I can’t even begin to explain how perfect our wedding has been at Thicket Priory. It is so stunning, but what really made it was the staff and how they made us feel. In particular, Becca, you’re just perfect at your job – you were a constant support to me and my girls and from the bottom of my heart thank you – I’ll never forget this day and your huge role in it! Lyd”

“Words cannot describe the absolute privilege we have had to be able to get married in this beautiful venue. Becca, Anna and the rest of the staff have been absolutely phenomenal, you all, and Thicket Priory itself will hold a special place in our hearts for affording us the most perfect wedding day! Dan”


Nicola & Adam – September 2021

“Beyond perfect…
Hard to know where to start when talking about our experience with the beautiful Victorian gem which is Thicket Priory wedding Venue.
Firstly the sumptuous, tastefully designed interiors, finished with such detail, depth and love. Don’t miss the captivating stories to be discovered at every turn and in every room!!
Then the sensationally warm and welcoming team led with complete class and professionalism by the wonderful Anna… A blessing and a privilege to have enjoyed such a significant moment in this special, magical place. Unforgettable x” Adam

Words on check-out, written in out guest book by the mother and father of the Groom:
“We are delighted to have been part of this wonderful occasion, the marriage of our Son Adam to Nicole. Our tick list was complete:
Beautiful Bride √
Proud Son √
Wonderful Venue √
Happy Guests √
Attentive Staff √
Delicious Food √
Tears – Heartfelt Happy Ones √
Amazing Weather √
We need to stop now…A memorable occasion for all the right reason. Much Love Mr & Mrs Honeyman”

Jess & Jason – November 2021

“Dear Thicket Priory, Thank you for making all our dreams come true, from check-in to check-out everything has been exceptional and overly exceeded our expectations. Love Jess & Jason Hart”


Thanks for reading and if you’d like to start your midweek wedding journey here at Thicket Priory, please do contact us directly, one of the team would be more than happy to book you in for a one-to-one venue tour.

Love Anna xXx

Photo Credits

Gina & Matt – February 2023 – Photography 34 – Tony Wilson
Natalie & Lee – June 2022 – Rebecca Kerr
Lisa & Leon – June 2023 – Carla Whitttingham Photography
Lydia & Dan – July 2022 – Georgie Beck
Nicola & Adam – September 2021 – Carla Whittingham Photography
Jess & Jason – November 2021 – Carla Whittingham Photography