5 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Stationery

Velvet May Designs

As with a lot of decisions throughout wedding planning, choosing your wedding stationery can be an overwhelming process. There are so many DIY websites and professional designers out there, and a huge variety of choices when it comes to themes and materials. Having a clear idea of what you would like for your invitations will give you a head start to narrow down your options.

1. Design and Coordination
You want to give an amazing first impression of your wedding day it’s important to consider stationery as a key part of your budget. Your invitations need to reflect how you see your wedding day, from the colours, down to the feel. Is your wedding a formal affair or relaxed? Are you an edgy couple, or a romantic one? Do you like florals or are you more minimalist? What about accessories? These are all important questions that will direct you on what design your stationery will be.

Additionally, working with a professional stationery designer will mean that you can incorporate unique elements specific to you as a couple, like a wedding timeline showing a history of your relationship, or a map of the area around your wedding venue. And they will be for you a one-stop shop of everything you may want to include in the aesthetic, from a personalised wax seal, or silk ribbons, or vellum wraps, handmade paper with deckle edges, or gold leaf.

Don’t forget your other on-the day- stationery (such as your menus, order of service, placecards, table numbers). You want to show a co-ordinated look throughout, so if you decide to order your stationery online, make sure there are matching pieces.

2. How Many Cards?
A traditional wedding suite has a main invite, including the couples names, who is inviting them to the wedding, the time and place; a details card, for information such as accommodation, parking, travels, gifts, children; and an RSVP card with or without return envelope for the guests to confirm or decline attendance, and specify menu choices, or dietary requirements, or any other information the bride and groom need.

By the way, the elements of the suite don’t need to be purely informational. Some couples choose to include a quote dear to them, or a drawing of the village or wedding venue, or some other pretty design that represents them and that the guests can keep.

3. How Many Invites Will I Need?
Think of numbers quite early on, so that you can calculate your costs, but remember that you don’t need an invite per person. Families can all have one invitation, except if they have children over 18 it is sometimes polite to send them a separate invitation. For couples not living together, you can either send one invite to your closest guest or send separate ones.

It is recommended to order extra, as reprints are expensive. This will come in handy when you need to swap evening guests to the day-do following cancellations, or if you have last minute invites to mail. Even if you have any spares, they will make for a nice keepsake for your wedding album, or in a frame to put on your wall.

4. Packaging
We have grown up being taught not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to sending your invitations don’t overlook the importance of a well presented envelope. If you have spent time and money making your invitation suite perfect, make sure you choose an envelope that does the content justice.

You can play with colour, for instance, so that if your invitation is simple and elegant, your envelope could carry your wedding scheme. Or you can mix colours in your different elements to play with different shades for a refined look, or make a bolder modern statement with a contrasting palette.

Also the way the envelopes are addressed will make a huge difference in presentation. If you don’t know anyone with a good handwriting, there are lots of calligraphy courses which you can take at reasonable prices. This could be an option if you have the time and patience to write the envelopes yourself. Ask your wedding stationer if they offer addressing as a service. It’s not a particularly expensive add-on and it will free up your valuable time.

5. Triple Check The Proofs
By time time your stationer will send you the final proof they would have checked the wording already a few times, but no matter how many times one person can look at something, it’s really easy to miss a grammatical or spelling mistake. Triple check the files before you give the go-ahead with printing. Have other people also check the proofs – the more the better!

If you are unsure on how to word your invitation read this blog on wording suggestions. Click here.

I hope these tips will guide you in your choice of wedding stationery. If you would like to know more Velvet May Designs will be happy to help you.

Valentina x