Working at a wedding venue is special for so many reasons, but one of the stand-out things for me is that no wedding is the same. We get to see so many different visions come to life and embrace so many different cultures. As someone who grew up in China and got to experience so much of the lifestyle and culture it has to offer, I particularly love when we get to host a Chinese wedding here at Thicket Priory.

As I am sure you’ve heard us say many times, the building is truly a blank canvas and will suit any décor and florals you choose for your wedding, so any lucky colours or additions you would like can be fully incorporated!
Here are five popular Chinese traditions seen at weddings…

Choosing the Wedding Date
The wedding date tends not to be chosen just by chance – many couples consult with a fortune teller, as well as considering their Chinese Zodiac Sign and birthdays when choosing the date of their wedding.

Lucky Colours & Symbols
The Chinese Wedding Invitation is typically red with gold lettering, and will bear the double happiness symbol (囍). The character means joy and happiness, and so represents double the joy and happiness for the newlyweds as they begin their marriage.
Our brides have chosen to have a dress change for their tea ceremony, where they will change into a traditional Chinese outfit (typically red!), but the colours and symbols are seen prominently throughout the day.

Putting the Groom to the Test – ‘Door Games’ 接亲游戏
Translating to ‘games with which to receive the groom’, it is essentially where the bridesmaids will prepare tests for the groom to see how determined he is to marry the bride and win the approval of her family.
This usually takes place outside of the Buckingham suite where the bride is getting ready, with the bridesmaids or groomsmen acting as a barrier between the two. It’s a really fun way to start off the day and can be very entertaining to watch!

The Betrothal – ‘Guo Da Li’ 过大礼
Literally translates to ‘pass big gift’. The groom will present betrothal gifts symbolising prosperity and good fortune as a formal proposal to the brides parents. The parents will then return half of the gifts as an acceptance of the proposal.

Tea Ceremony
This is a ceremony in which the bride and groom get the opportunity to express their respect and gratitude for their parents’ love, support, and effort in raising them.
We have many perfect spots for you to have your tea ceremony within and around the venue, we have done it both inside and outside – both providing a lovely backdrop for you to give love and thanks to your parents.

I have chosen two beautiful Chinese weddings held at Thicket Priory to show you …

Lisa & Leon – Mr & Mrs Chang Est. 20th June 2023

Karmen & Jonathan – Mr & Mrs Wong Est. 19th September 2023

If you want to have your own dream wedding at Thicket Priory then please get in touch HERE.

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Supplier Love

Lisa & Leon 20.06.2023
Photographer – Carla Whittingham
Florist – Dreamboats & Carousels
Venue Stylist – Ambience North Yorkshire
Hair & Makeup – Absolutely Flawless
Cake – Poppy Pickering
Caterer – Baba Ganoush
Evening Entertainment – Groove Anatomy

Karmen & John 19.09.2023
Photographer & Videographer – Matthew Laraway
Florist – The Rainflorist
Caterer – Hog & Apple
Cake – Iced Yorkshire
Evening Entertainment – Jonny Ross Music & Picture Blast Events
Transport to Church – Dovecote Wedding Cars