5 Ideas for Luxury Asian Wedding Catering

Guest Blog – Payal Asian Catering

So, as we all know weddings are big deal for any Indian parent, it’s their baby’s special day, I mean it’s what they have been saving up for and dreaming about for the past 25 years! One of the biggest worries they face is getting the best caterer for the big day. As many Indians will tell you they have definitely heard at least twice in their lifetime “The food was rubbish! They didn’t have this…they forgot to do that…and I was starving by the time we were eventually invited to eat”.

It is something every parent or couple wants to avoid, and so search high and low for the best caterer they can find. If they get it wrong the grumbles will last long after the event has finished. Get it right, and the buzz from table to table will be all about how wonderful everything looks and tastes, how it must have cost a fortune for such high end food (when actually part of the secret was in the brilliant presentation), and a determination to discover the caterers’ details for when their magic is required again.x

We have put together a few ideas on what to look out for when choosing your Asian Luxury Wedding Caterer.

Presentation is key, as the saying goes ‘we eat with our eyes’, so it is super important that the food presentation on the day is impeccable, down to the finest detail of that little baby mint leaf on your Tandoori Chicken Tikka, or the little drizzle of chutney on our Aloo Tikki!

Quality of the Produce
It is vital that when choosing a caterer, you know that the quality of their produce and ingredients are fresh, as this will make a big impact on the day. You want your guests to remember the juicy jumbo king prawn they had at the drink’s reception or the succulent soft and tender leg of lamb they had for mains, that they just cannot stop dreaming about!

Choosing your Menu
It is important that you choose a caterer that can cater to your dietary or religious requirements, whether you require Jain food or Halal food, this is something an Asian Luxury Caterer should be able to offer. For example, if you have guests that are vegan or gluten free, a good luxury caterer should be able to provide food on the day for them, without having to compromise on the rest of the menu.

Style of service
A Luxury Asian Caterer will have different styles of service on offer for your event, from buffet to family service to pre-plated. It is important you discuss with your caterer the feel of the event and how you would like the food served on the day. Some styles of service may not work for a particular part of the day, but your caterer should be able to advise on what the best option for you.

The Team
It is all well and good to have the food taste amazing on the day, however what could make or break an event is having the right team on the day to be able to deliver the food piping hot! Nothing is worse than having cold food served to you. You must be sure that you choose a caterer who is familiar with the venue and knows the logistics behind the venue.

Choose one that gives you a good level of service from start to finish, from the first moment you pick up the phone or send the first email across, to the last song played at the end of the event day.

So…moral of the story? Lots of things go into making an event a memorable success. But if there is one thing you can never – ever – afford to get wrong, it’s the food!

Team Payal