Stained Glass At Thicket Priory

Our Gryphon , the crest of the Jefferson’s a local landed family. Robert Jefferson married Elizabeth Battel in Thorganby in 1749 , they had son called Emanuel Jefferson.

Gryphon and Dunnington

The Jefferson Gryphon crest  joins  the blue and white stripes of the Dunnington crest .  Emanuel Jefferson  married Eleanor Dunnington in 1749 .

Dunnington Jefferson and Vavasour

The Dunnington-Jefferson crest is joined by the yellow crest is the Vavasour. Anna Vavasour married Joseph Dunnington in 1837 . The Vavasour seat was Hazelwood Castle , they are an ancient English family that can be traced back to the Norman conquest.

The North Window

Crossed Keys

The crossed keys represent the keys to heaven as held by St Peter, they are one of the most common symbols to be found in York. York Minster is dedicated to St Peter and the keys are a main feature of the Minsters Logo , and there is also leading York school called St Peter’s. The stained glass windows of York minster were stored in the cellars at Thicket during the war.

The Royal Shield

The Royal Shield of the British Monarch depicting in the first and fourth quarters the three passant guardant Lions of England; in the second the Lion Rampant of Scotland ; and in the third the Harp for Ireland

Fragments of stained glass found at Thicket have been put back into the window lights of building .